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0011240ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2015-03-10 06:25
Reporterjeffmcneill Assigned Tocbradney  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Platformintel i5OSOSXOS VersionMountain Lion
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Fixed in Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0011240: With or without crash; linked textframes unlinked
DescriptionScribus crashes with error 11 (for whatever reason), when opening the last project, the textframes are no longer linked. This is on a project that had an automatically generated textframes on all pages and automatically linked.

After the crash, have to manually relink all frames.

This happens every time after crashing.
Steps To ReproduceCreate Scribus document with automatically linked textframes. Enter text.

Wait for Scribus to crash.

Open back up probject and linked textframes are unlinked and text is only visible on first page.
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duplicate of 0012940 closedcbradney qHash() returns uint and Scribus stores item IDs as ints. 
related to 0008056 assignedale [WIP PATCH] Import pages with linked text frames breaks the links 



2012-12-12 00:37

reporter   ~0029359

Note: I get the same problem when I have a document and Save As a new document name. When I close that document and then open up either the original or the newly named version, the text is no longer flowing across all the textframes. I have to relink across all pages. This is a small problem with a 36 page document I am working on. My next project is 180 pages and this will be five times more painful.


2012-12-13 07:38

administrator   ~0029361

I can't reproduce the issue on Linux, so it seems to be a OS X-related problem.

Also, it would be interesting to know why Scribus crashes in the first place. Using bt or the Mac OS X equivalent might be helpful.


2013-03-29 07:26

reporter   ~0030017

I would like to provide crash information, but do not know how to do this. I am running this on mac osx. Please advise.


2014-08-06 20:35

updater   ~0033194

Jeffmcneill, I'm on MacOSX, can you upload an example .sla file for me to test this?


2014-08-19 08:26

updater   ~0033279

I've encountered this (on 10.8.5 1.5.0svn r19425) but without a crash. Just saving and opening file found that linked text frames were broken and only first text frame showing text. Trying to reproduce.


2014-08-19 10:06

updater   ~0033282

Confirmed on 10.8.5 1.5.0svn r19425
Uploaded a file with 3 linked text boxes.
Added 'Sample Text' and then I crashed Scribus purposely using 0012538


2014-08-19 10:12


broken-text-links.sla (17,359 bytes)


2014-08-19 18:36

updater   ~0033289

Bah... suddenly I can't recreate this. Any help to reproduce would be helpful


2014-08-20 07:47

updater   ~0033295

This issue does not require a crash to unlink the text boxes. One can simply close Scribus and then reopen it and the link chain will be broken.


2014-08-21 11:50

updater   ~0033311

Added loose association to 0008056


2014-08-25 04:23

updater   ~0033342

jeffmcneill, please upload an .sla to demonstrate this issue. Thanks


2014-10-05 21:10

administrator   ~0033900

I see no issue with the currently uploaded file.


2014-10-05 21:53

updater   ~0033903

I know this issue happened since i last tested it in Aug. even if the .sla file doesn't reflect that. I will attempt to test and upload an .sla that demonstrates this in the next few days. In the meantime is there anyone that can recreate and demonstrate this bug?


2014-10-08 17:59

updater   ~0033932

Uploaded broken-links-example.sla that shows the problem.

Steps to recreate:
1) Open broken-links-example.sla
2) Notice that page 1 has text but none of the other pages do. They other pages have text boxes in them.
3) Start to link that text box from page 1 to page 2.
4) Link page 2 to page 3
5) repeat step 4 until there are no more pages
6) save the .sla and close the .sla project
7) reopen the saved .sla and observe the links do not persist


2014-10-08 17:59


broken-links-example.sla (51,942 bytes)


2014-10-08 19:43

updater   ~0033940

So far Craig, Jean and FirasH cannot reproduce.


2014-10-12 07:50

developer   ~0033987

Last edited: 2014-10-13 15:09

I use a lot linked text frames and i sometime have crashes
but so far i _haven't_ had a crash unlink frames in previously saved SLA


2014-10-13 15:11

updater   ~0034000

Unblocking and de-assigning target version. I will keep this assigned to me just in case this bug rears it's ugly head sometime in the future. On that day I there will be vindication

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