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0011283ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-12-08 22:04
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Summary0011283: Footnotes frames are placed wrongly and extend into the wrong direction
DescriptionCurrently footnote frames are being placed in the page margins and they extend downwards, even outside the page! That's not how it is supposed to work, IMHO.

It should work as follows:

- The footnote frame should be placed inside the page margins, hence, the main text frame must shrink automatically.

- The footnote frame should extend upwards.

- As soon as the size of the footnote frame exceeds a certain percentage (configurable by the user) it should either display a text overflow mark and/or trigger a warning.


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2013-01-08 10:50

updater   ~0029662

Yes, it should working as you described, but it is not so simple.
Main problem may occur when note is inserted in last line in frame.
With your suggested way noteframe should be created in place where note is inserted, so note mark will go to next linked frame probably on the next page. With current automation it is going to race condition and infinitive try to place noteframe on page where note mark is and this place changing on eech relayouting.

This is reason why it is not done as you suggest that should be. I leave it for user decision and manual work.
Maybe in the future someone (maybe even me) implements better behaviour.


2013-01-08 13:12

developer   ~0029663

Such note placement choice can really be tricky.
In some situations as the one you describe, cezaryece, it appears that the solution is
- either to have the note on another page than the note call
- either to force the text smaller in the page or previous page, so as to free enough place for both the note call and the note to appear on same page
Beside, even a manual positioning might need to be tweeked after some image is inserted or made slighly bigger.

So there is nothing such as a universal automatic positionning feature.

The question is rather "How can Scribus help and avoid work to the user, in most of the cases ?"


2013-01-08 23:11

administrator   ~0029668

I don't know if the following is helpful, but KWord 1.x used a frame-based approach to word processing. Maybe the code is still available somewhere. The Calligra developers should know. It might be worth looking at how KWord did it.


2013-01-09 09:00

administrator   ~0029673

Cezary, here's some more info:


2014-12-14 21:36

reporter   ~0034292

It would be helpful to have this resolved - at the moment updating footnotes is a very manual procedure and has to be completely redone if anything affects the layout of the text in a book.

Instead of looping, consider determining if expanding the footnote frame will cause the mark to move to the next frame/page and if so simply force the footnote to move to the next page.

This behaviour is different for end notes where you might want to expand the frame downwards. Although the feature says foot/end notes.

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