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Summary0011347: Style Dialog: New "Paragraph Effects" are greyed out
DescriptionThat the "Paragraph Effects" are greyed out by default is contrary to everything else in Scribus, because greyed out areas are indicating to the user "This option is not available/applicable". At the very least there should be a checkbox to "Activate Paragraph Effects" or something similar. Since the dialog is already bloated to no end and will need a redesign, this additional option won't hurt for the time being.
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2013-01-07 08:47

reporter   ~0029623

In addition with this feature the Style Dialog is too complicated and large. It is no longer fit on the screen. I can't click on OK button. See the screenshot on Ubuntu with 1366×768.


2013-01-07 08:48



2013-01-07 12:47

developer   ~0029631

well, christoph_s : not ALL paragraph effect is greyed out. Main "Bullet", "Dropcap" and "Numeration" checkbox aren't greyed out. And only these are meaningfull at first, when no effect is specified. Having all the sub-options available would be very confusing since they are not compatible one to the other.

Unless you prefer a 'visible'/'not visible' alternative, as in the PP "effect" subpane, instead of this 'greyed=inactive'/'active' alternative ?
That would be ok, and would probably use less space to do as in the PP.


2013-01-07 15:06

reporter   ~0029634

Can we have more tabs there? Why not to separate content to multiple tabs? "General", "Paragraph Effects", "Tabulators and Indentation"...


2013-01-07 16:39

developer   ~0029635

Well.. I think first I will make it like in Paragraph Effects widget in PP - autohiding unrelated properties.

More tabs? Hmm maybe in PP tabs style (vertical tabs)?


2013-01-07 23:31

administrator   ~0029649

Cezary: Please no vertical tabs. The are a pain in the butt. What about moving all microtyphograhical options into one tab?


2013-01-10 07:01

administrator   ~0029679

Cze?? Cezary, I was looking for an example on how to make the Style Manager more useable without completely breaking its current design. To be honest, I still think OO.o's and LO's "Stylist" solution (F11) is the best, but it would be too much work for now. The closest I found to our current Style Manager (including screen estate) is the Style Sheet dialog in VivaDesigner (see screenshot).

As you can see, what Scribus has crammed into two giant tabs has been separated into several entries in a list box (on the left, lower list box). The upper list box comprises all styles in a document, as in Scribus. The first entry for all style options ("Info") lists all selected settings as text.

Of course we can't copy the dialog 1:1, not the least because Scribus works a bit differently, but in general I think this approach might work for 1.5/1.6 and require not many code changes (it would still be a single dialog). It would also allow us to bring back the preview (which had been removed for performance reasons, IIRC). Also note that VD has a separate "numbering" style.


2013-01-10 07:01


style_dialog_VD.png (68,677 bytes)
style_dialog_VD.png (68,677 bytes)


2013-01-11 01:16

administrator   ~0029691

Cezary, btw, if you are interested, you can download a gratis version of VD here: It has also a Polish UI version available.


2013-01-11 09:04

administrator   ~0029693

Cezary, and a final (at least for the time being) remark from me would be that we'd have enough space for a preview!


2013-01-11 11:05

developer   ~0029694

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Preview would be very nice yes.

Even if it were in a new (horizontal) tab !

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