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0011361ScribusStylespublic2016-05-25 20:58
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Summary0011361: whole paragraph style edit pane keeps grayed
DescriptionI quite often encountered situations when i couldnt edit the styles in edit style window, because the whole pane was grayed and inactive.

I explored and found a reproducible way for the paragraph pane.

I tested in a blank file with default styles.
Steps To ReproduceF3 to open edit style dialog.
Click "edit" to open edit pane.

In left colum, click "Default character style". At this point, sometime the "Default char" edit pane is greyed, some other times it is active.

With arrow key go up so as to reach "character style" "title". Another way to do this is to click on it. The edit pane is now grayed. Thats ok wince the "default character style" is not selected anymore.

Go on going up with arrow key once or clicking with mouse on "Default Paragraph Style".
"Default Paragraph Style" is now selected.
But : edit pane is allways still greyed and inactive. It should be active !
Additional InformationI could not find an allways reproducible way to produce grayed edit pane for "Default char style", but it happens quite often too.
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duplicate of 0006979 confirmed Scrolling and selecting in the style-editor does not work (edit pane grayed out) 



2013-01-07 21:04

developer   ~0029644

well it takes a bit of going from one style to another first (1, 2 or 3 times), before described step exactly reproduces the problem...
It was tested on 1.5 but its about the same in 1.4; sometime for par styles, sometime for char style, sometime for both


2016-05-25 20:58

updater   ~0041434

This is a dupe of 0006979
Closing in favor of 0006979

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