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0011366ScribusUser Interfacepublic2015-12-24 13:12
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Product Version1.4.2.svn 
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Summary0011366: Uneven display of strokes of selected frames
DescriptionIf a frame has a stroke colour set at the default width of 0.353 mm, the display of each frame border is uneven (see attached screenshot), but only if the item has been selected: top and left borders are thicker than right and bottom borders.
Additional InformationThe differences are more obvious on Linux than on Windows and bigger in 1.5.0svn than in 1.4.2svn (Linux).
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2013-01-09 08:10


sel_item_stroke_display.png (1,873 bytes)   
sel_item_stroke_display.png (1,873 bytes)   


2013-01-09 11:37

administrator   ~0029674

Thats because we have two different rendering engines in use here. The frame itself is drawn by cairo and the selection is drawn by Qt's QPainter. What you see are the differences in the rounding algorithms to get from object coordinates to screen coordinates. I've already done my best to keep that as low as possible, but it can't be avoided.


2013-01-09 20:58

administrator   ~0029675

So the solution would be "not fixable"?


2013-01-09 21:24

administrator   ~0029676

There's no question, this needs fixing. It needs to be perfect. Rendering need to move to the same engine if that is what is required to fix this.


2013-01-09 21:57

administrator   ~0029678

If you want to fix that then you must rewrite the CanvasMode_xxx:drawControls functions with cairo. This means that you must draw to an image buffer and finally draw that buffer onto the canvas. This would be horrible slow and may introduce new bugs. And doing the other way round, using QPainter for everything is also not an option. Or do you want to miss all the fancy gradient and blending stuff?


2013-01-10 07:52

administrator   ~0029680

Would it make sense to postpone a solution until this becomes fixable? It's not pretty, but it doesn't affect functionality.


2013-01-10 20:02

administrator   ~0029684

Christoph.. this issue needs proper investigation and a lot of testing. Its not reasonable to expect a fix within 1.5.0 for this, unless someone finds some really non obvious bug(s) somewhere.


2015-12-24 13:12

updater   ~0037982

Bumping to 'Future Release'

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