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0001146ScribusUser Interfacepublic2011-01-14 22:47
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Summary0001146: Multi-user projects/Multi-user Scribus
DescriptionDocuments where ownership can be assigned to individual layout elements. The 'root' user owns everything, other users can only update certain text frames, images or pages.
Ideal in newspaper of magazine workflows. Eliminates the possibility of users editing content they're not supposed to touch, also great for collaboration.
Additional InformationSome other thoughts:

- Save access profiles seperately, so they can be re-used for different projects.
- A collaboration mechanism where layout elements (text frame, picture, whole page) can be 'pushed' to other desktops (X host).
- A new palette in the Tools menu to view all active users collaborating on a project.
- Content-owner can set access rules: view, edit, print
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2004-09-23 21:14

administrator   ~0002487

Work on something like this is already underway...


2004-09-23 21:36

reporter   ~0002489

Awesome! Will this be part of the main dev tree?


2004-09-23 21:42

administrator   ~0002490

It will be.. but will involve some sort of server process.


2009-07-15 11:06

reporter   ~0022187

How will this work?
Is there already something I could test?

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