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0011557ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-12-08 22:04
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Summary0011557: Harmonised font substitution dialogs for file importers
DescriptionCurrently Scribus uses at least 3 different font substitution dialogs in file importers (SLA <-> ODT, SXW <-> EPS, AI, PUB (others?) <-> XTG). Moreover, the dialogs for SLA and XTG are by default opened on the right of the screen, often in front of the PP, so they might escape the attention of a user.

All those dialogs should look and work identically and also be placed at the centre of the screen.
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related to 0011888 assignedfschmid Missing font substitution options for import filters 
related to 0011534 new PUB import: Font substitutions are made permanent 



2013-05-31 21:55

administrator   ~0030209

Also note that the font substitution dialog for XTG files is somehow dysfunctional, as it only offers a limited set of font substitutions.

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