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0011625ScribusCanvaspublic2016-05-10 19:19
Reportergpittman Assigned Tocezaryece  
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PlatformLinuxOSFedoraOS Version18
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0011625: inline graphic fails to be saved in footnote frame
DescriptionSince people have been requesting the ability to make a line at the top of footnotes, I thought that inline graphics would be the answer.
It does work, but when you save an then reopen the document, there is no line there.
Inline graphics can still be saved in other frames.
Steps To ReproduceAfter making a footnote, copy a horizontal line, then paste it as the first character in the footnote frame.

Save, then reload -- no line present.
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2013-06-24 01:24

developer   ~0030335

I tried unwelding the frame, and it made no difference.


2013-10-01 10:44

developer   ~0030649

I think it should solved other way in that case (for now manually drawing a line, in the future by custom lines as frame property).
But in fact saving in-line graphics is now impossible in notesframes and I am going to change this.


2013-10-03 10:46

developer   ~0030660

See 0011762 solution for top line with screenshot


2013-10-03 17:50

administrator   ~0030662

The line should be a footnote frame style option, drawn based on that option. I dont think footnotes should allow inline images to be pasted in.


2013-10-03 21:32

developer   ~0030665

Last edited: 2013-10-03 21:33

I agree. The attempt to use an inline graphic was a workaround for the problem.
I don't think users should be expected to draw a line every time they make a footnote, and there needs to be some way of adjusting the thickness and length of the line to taste. Finally, it should work like a style and be easily modified and applied document-wide when needed.

I'll see if I can get this patch to work.

Having said this, I don't know that there would never come a request to place inline graphics somewhere inside a footnote ...


2013-10-05 05:48

administrator   ~0030668

Of course footnotes should be enabled to include inline images. Render frames are some kind of image frames and are rendered to raster images. The most important use cases are formulas and musical notation, and in scientific or musical journals or books formulas or musical notations in footnotes are normal. Add to this EPS/PDF/PS files of existing formulas/sheet music and you need normal image frames as well.


2013-10-05 09:14

developer   ~0030669

I dont try that and I cant do it now, but I think inline graphic is possoble in text of note, but not before first note mark, as this text is not in any note.


2013-10-05 11:25

administrator   ~0030670

Christoph.. stop confusing things. Lets get footnotes working and stable. Lets not use a pageitem embedded in a notes item to get a line. Once its all working, then lets think about embedded images. They dont work properly in normal text frames now, so lets not make a mess in notes frames.

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