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0011688ScribusStylespublic2016-05-25 18:41
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Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0011688: tab definition : "user defined filling" is broken
DescriptionIn the tab definition of a style definition window, a "user defined" input zone in the "filling" dropdown select enables the user to define its own tab filling character.

I first thought it was broken because i wanted a " ." filling and it reverted to "none". Until I tested ". " where it reverted to standard "dot". With further tests i could understand that
- only the fist character is read
- the first character is only recorded if it is one of the standard option (., - or _). Any other character is simply ignored.

Restricting to "standard" makes this option useless since they are allready proposed in the dropdown.

This option should define the user to input its own character as a filling character. That is what it is meant for. Like "~" or "x".

Moreover, it should allow the user to define a multicharacter strings as a filling : thus accepting sequences as " ." or "-- ".

Or "_.-/ยจ\-._" !

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