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0002100ScribusGeneralpublic2016-05-25 18:42
Reporterpacketbell Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.3.0cvs 
Target VersionFuture Release - Nice to have 
Summary0002100: Tab leader alignment
DescriptionTab leaders (fill characters) don't line up when using a proportional font. For the most pleasing effect, the fill characters should right-align:

Item ............... 20
Chapter ............ 27
^ ^ ^

It would also be nice to control the amount of white space between fill characters and surrounding text:

[Position: 2.500in |^] [Fill Character: Dot |^] [Distance from text: 5pt |^]
Additional InformationA few more examples:

Current implementation

Text-align left, fillchar-align right, tab-align right:
InDesign ........... 10
Scribus ............ 87
QuarkXPress ........ 100

Text-align left, fillchar-align right, tab-align right:
InDesign ........... 10
Scribus ............ 87
QuarkXPress ........ 100

Using 1.3.0cvs 6/16/05, Fedora Core 3.
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related to 0010367 new add new Fill Char to tabulators 
related to 0011688 new tab definition : "user defined filling" is broken 
related to 0003896 acknowledged Metabug: Scientific Publishing 


2005-06-16 23:30


1.3cvs-tab-alignment.png (8,546 bytes)   
1.3cvs-tab-alignment.png (8,546 bytes)   


2005-06-16 23:32

reporter   ~0005057

Examples above should be viewed with fixed-width font :)

2005-06-17 05:23


tableaders.jpg (30,494 bytes)   
tableaders.jpg (30,494 bytes)   


2005-06-17 05:24

administrator   ~0005058

Is this (new screenshot) not what you want? (minus the white space adjustment option)


2005-06-17 12:26

reporter   ~0005059

The effect becomes more noticeable with larger point sizes and different fill characters. Ultimately, the fill characters should line up. I attached an example of different leaders you would use for an index and a table of contents. When spaced farther apart, the mis-alignment becomes very noticeable.

2005-06-17 12:38


tab-leader-alignment.png (11,708 bytes)   
tab-leader-alignment.png (11,708 bytes)   


2005-06-17 15:23

administrator   ~0005060

Got a sample doc? Mine line up with the combinations I've tried, various fonts monospaced and not), sizes and fill character. Are you running current 1.3.0cvs?


2005-06-17 19:06

administrator   ~0005061

Got the idea now, but it's difficult with the current one-line textrendering engine. But maybe i get some nice ideas.

2005-06-18 15:08


tab-leaders-4.png (20,094 bytes)   
tab-leaders-4.png (20,094 bytes)   


2005-06-18 15:09

reporter   ~0005064

Maybe a good cheat would be to render the fill characters right-to-left (or simply right-align the fill characters). Gimped a mock-up.


2005-06-19 23:47

developer   ~0005072

I must admit I don't get what the issue is.
Tab-leaders can be set using a right-align tab value. The page number that follows is better right-aligned so the units will align properly (in sequences where "10+" digits are to be found with "0-9" digits).
In any case, this can be set to the user's taste or need.
I understand we have all this kind of control here. Is there something obvious I'm missing?


2005-06-20 02:08

reporter   ~0005073

Louis-its not the alignment of the units at/after the tab position, but rather the alignment of the fill characters. It becomes especially noticeable in larger point sizes, or when the fill characters are spaced apart wider, for chapter leaders. Take a look at the third screenshot, and you'll see that none of the fill characters line up.


2005-06-21 22:26

developer   ~0005088

I see. I thought this was because of a tab missing.


2012-07-05 17:26

manager   ~0028376

right alignment is not a workaround: if the numbers are 11 and 88 the dots won't align the same way.
but the concern is real and will have to be solved as soon as we have real table of contents...

it would nice if somebody could find a rule / algorithm to be applied.
(as an example by having a look at the way latex does)


2016-03-15 13:33

updater   ~0039186

how will the new textboxes affect this issue?


2016-03-15 15:37

manager   ~0039190

it probably won't.

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