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0010367ScribusStylespublic2016-05-25 18:39
ReporterMike Assigned To 
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Platformamd64OSUbuntuOS Version10.10
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0010367: add new Fill Char to tabulators
DescriptionI would like to have two more options in Fill Characters in tabulators:
- dot + space
- dot + space + space
- or completely customizable fill

It would be very useful to have this in Table of contents because dot is too "dense" (see for example LaTeX).

Note: Space should be with fixed width because dots should be one under another.

F3 > Style Manager > Tabulators and Indentation
F2 > Text > Tabulators
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related to 0002100 acknowledged Tab leader alignment 



2012-06-18 19:47

manager   ~0028194

in 1.5svn it's possible to set any char as the fill char...

is there any reason why it's not possible to set multiple chars? (well, it's possible to set multiple chars, but only the last one gets displayed)

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