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0011713ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2013-08-31 15:34
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PlatformMacOSMountain LionOS Version10.8.4
Product Version1.4.2 
Summary0011713: PDF Image Frame Page Number
DescriptionWhen using the Image tab of the Properties window to set the page number of a PDF image, the spin buttons do not work properly. A single click up or down should increment or decrement the displayed page by 1, but instead a single click causes it to cycle through each of the pages (as if the button is being held down, but it isn't) resulting always in either first page or the last page being displayed. Entering a specific page number into the type-in field is the only way to specify a page that not the first or last page.
Steps To ReproducePlace an image frame, load it with a PDF file, open the Properties window, select the Image tab, click on the Page Number spin buttons to change the displayed page.
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2013-08-31 13:18

reporter   ~0030534

Forgot to mention, the buttons were working fine in version 1.4.1.


2013-08-31 15:34

administrator   ~0030535

Works as expected on Windows.

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