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0001175ScribusGeneralpublic2005-05-29 17:01
Reportermhanski Assigned Tocbradney  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformAMD Athlon XP 3000+OSMandrake Linux OfficialOS Version10
Product Version1.3 
Fixed in Version1.3.0cvs 
Summary0001175: Switching between GUI languages from within Scribus
DescriptionAllow to switch the GUI language while running Scribus, e.g. in Settings>Select language (like Skype does, see screen shot)
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2004-10-01 20:44


skype_language_selection.png (63,978 bytes)   
skype_language_selection.png (63,978 bytes)   


2004-10-21 16:22

administrator   ~0002744

Do you want the language chosen to then be a part of preferences?
If so, problem.. Scribus loads the preferences as part of the process when the splashscreen is showing, and the language is already set for the update messages then.. any ideas?


2004-10-21 17:05

manager   ~0002745

preferences - yes.
change from menu - no. there are a lot of things depending on the language at start.


2004-10-21 17:15

administrator   ~0002747

Either way, we dont load prefs before the Splashscreen now.. and we would at least need to load that preference. Changing from a menu is probably the easiest part.


2004-10-22 06:36

administrator   ~0002754

Subik, another thing is, if theres a prefs entry.. what would come first? what order?
- -l/--lang setting
- prefs

Thats my guess as it is in the list. IE, sticking prefs on the end, because if you specify a cmd line option you really want it like that.


2004-10-22 08:25

developer   ~0002755

Last edited: 2004-10-22 15:38

I agree, that the command line option should overwrite all other settings, but prefs should definitely prevail over LC_* and LANG variables. Otherwise, switching language within Scribus wouldn't make any sense, as you needed to change these variables first, to make it work on the next Scribus launch.

I think it's a good idea to store the chosen language somewhere in ~./scribus/scribus.rc and use this setting on the next launch. That's the way, Skype does it (see the screen shot), apart from immediately switching the GUI to the chosen language.

The pros of such a solution are pretty obvious. The question: "How do I switch Scribus to Polish?" is very common, this would add a lot to usability for quys (think of all those Mac users), who simply want to click on an icon to launch Scribus and don't care so much for CL options and environmental variables. Secondly, it would show to users, how many GUI languages are available - I'm pretty sure, there are lots of people who don't bother to look into Help>About>Translations. Not to mention us Scribus translators, whose life would be much easier with this option available :)

edited on: 04-10-22 17:38


2005-05-10 20:37

administrator   ~0004574

In progress.


2005-05-11 14:47

developer   ~0004581

I have one concern about the Skype screenshot which shows a list where not all the names are in the same language. English followed by Fran├žais and at the bottom Svenska ... this is very confusing. IMO the whole list should appear in the language Scribus was launched. When in the new language, the list now shows in that new language.

Also, there should be a way to make sure Scribus remembers from last time.

Would that prevent us from having multiple windows/languages at once on the screen? As it is right now, I don't have a problem and it is easy to compare different languages. For translating, it's great. (All this done through command line)

Anyway, just a few thoughts.


2005-05-11 19:03

administrator   ~0004585

Its in Prefs, General. When you select a new language and close the prefs window, the GUI reloads in the new language, all strings in the same language (or whatevers translated in the loaded qm file of course).

The value is stored in Scribus prefs13.xml file. It takes preference over the environment variables, but is overridden by the command line -l/--lang option.

2005-05-14 17:43


germ_pol1.png (183,388 bytes)   
germ_pol1.png (183,388 bytes)   

2005-05-14 17:44


germ_brit1.png (153,270 bytes)   
germ_brit1.png (153,270 bytes)   


2005-05-14 17:49

developer   ~0004627

I like your idea with the language settings in Prefs. It's consistent with the other settings.

However, there are at least 2 insects to be killed, to make it work properly:

1. After changing the language in Prefs, the menus don't switch to the new language, while the dialogs do -- see the screen shot germ_pol1.png

2. If you change the language twice, you will get a sig 11 with a message in the 3rd language -- I can reproduce it every time -- see the screen shot germ_brit1.png


2005-05-14 17:49

administrator   ~0004628

/me sees your images and awaits the comments...


2005-05-14 17:52

administrator   ~0004629

1. I've just committed the code for it. This is a work in progress, currently the plugin menu items do not yet change, plus all the palettes I'm sure.

2. Your crash, AFAIK, related to having a doc open. I'm guessing you went, open 1.3, change lang, new doc, change lang. Changing lang with a doc open was causing this error. Also fixed in CVS in my commit just before you added the images.

Anon CVS is updated, please grab and test. Tnx


2005-05-14 17:58

developer   ~0004630

Ad 2. Correct assumption, sig 11 happens while a doc is open, and not, if I change languages without opened docs


2005-05-14 20:45

developer   ~0004632

Ad 1. Much better now, main menu OK, menu File, Script, and Help still shows some entries in the other language -- probably the plug-ins you've mentioned

Ad 2. This bug is dead, works perfectly now.


2005-05-15 21:57

administrator   ~0004659

Plugin menu items change language now, however many many translations need updating to get this to look correct.

2005-05-16 17:42


file_pl2en.png (25,868 bytes)   
file_pl2en.png (25,868 bytes)   

2005-05-16 17:42


extras_pl2en.png (13,487 bytes)   
extras_pl2en.png (13,487 bytes)   

2005-05-16 17:42


script_pl2en.png (10,537 bytes)   
script_pl2en.png (10,537 bytes)   

2005-05-16 17:43


help_pl2en.png (12,103 bytes)   
help_pl2en.png (12,103 bytes)   


2005-05-16 17:47

developer   ~0004673

Much better now, let's kill the rest of them one by one.

I launched Scribus with Polish and switched it to British English then.

See the 4 last screen shots -- after the switch to English some of the menu items in File, Extras, Script, and Help remained Polish.


2005-05-17 10:43

administrator   ~0004689

Most palettes should update now, depending on the translation file of course.


2005-05-17 18:28

developer   ~0004696

Last edited: 2005-05-17 18:29

I've done the same as yesterday -- switched from PL to EN(UK)

File -- 3 strings still Polish ("Nowy z szablonu", "Zapisz jako szablon", "Podglad wydruku")

Extras -- 1 string Polish ("Znak")

Script -- all strings remain Polish

Help -- 1 string Polish ("Podrecznik wtyczki skryptowej")

These strings remain Polish, even if I switch to German.


2005-05-17 21:08

administrator   ~0004698

Ok, I think I'm making progress on the plugins. Scripter and its menus still need fixing but I need a think over in general this to make sure its not too complicated for plugin writers. Seems ok. Will look over this in the next days and commit when I think its ok.

Please check other areas that you find arent translated after switching. I may know about some but most are ok now I think.


2005-05-18 10:30

administrator   ~0004703

Ok, I think i got it now for plugins and their menu items. :) Works here for pl-en_gb-pl.


2005-05-18 18:15

developer   ~0004705

Last edited: 2005-05-18 18:16

You are almost there :)

Menu Insert -- still one Polish entry ("Znak")

Scripts > Show console -- Window title still Polish

Main menu > click on the arrow beside "OK" -- all entries are Polish

Main menu > click on the arrow beside "ABC" -- both entries still Polish

Preferences > Hyphenator settings -- default language still Polish after the switch

I can't find the Scripter Settings in 1.3 anymore (where are they?), so I haven't turned on and checked the Macro menu.


2005-05-19 12:46

administrator   ~0004709

Are you sure your translation file is up to date for those menu items?


2005-05-19 12:56

developer   ~0004710

Yes, since those menu items remained _Polish_, instead of English, after I had switched from PL to EN(UK). The listed menu items didn't change after the switch.


2005-05-19 13:04

administrator   ~0004711

Ah ok. Will have a look tonight if I get a chance, otherwise it will be Monday. I will not make it change hyphenation language. That is a per document, per frame setting.


2005-05-19 13:12

administrator   ~0004712

-Menu Insert -- still one Polish entry ("Znak")

Got that one.

-Scripts > Show console -- Window title still Polish

Got that one.

-Main menu > click on the arrow beside "OK" -- all entries are Polish
-Main menu > click on the arrow beside "ABC" -- both entries still Polish

Dont understand what you mean with these? OK and ABC is from where?

-Preferences > Hyphenator settings -- default language still Polish after the switch

Wont change.

-I can't find the Scripter Settings in 1.3 anymore (where are they?), so I haven't turned on and checked the Macro menu.

Gone, the macro manager stuff isnt in 1.3 yet, and may or may not be added.


2005-05-19 13:17

developer   ~0004713

please don't forget to turn and check the Macro menu -- I didn't know, how to do it in 1.3.

BTW, this is really a great feature, I like it very much, great improvement of usability - I will put it on wiki asap :)


2005-05-19 13:27

developer   ~0004714

-Main menu > click on the arrow beside "OK" -- all entries are Polish
-Main menu > click on the arrow beside "ABC" -- both entries still Polish

Dont understand what you mean with these? OK and ABC is from where?

Sorry, it wasn't the main menu, but the tool palette below it -- these are both pull down menus, the right to [OK] icon contains PDF form elements (text field, list, etc.), the second left to it beside the [ABC] icon for creating links (symbolic link, etc.)


2005-05-19 13:36

administrator   ~0004715

Ok grab CVS. Console title changes now, the Character/Znak submenu changes too.

2005-05-19 16:04


form_fields.png (11,455 bytes)   
form_fields.png (11,455 bytes)   

2005-05-19 16:04


links.png (7,479 bytes)   
links.png (7,479 bytes)   


2005-05-19 16:07

developer   ~0004716

Only the two pull down menus beside [OK] and [ABC] to do yet (see the 2 last screen shots), the rest is OK


2005-05-19 16:35

administrator   ~0004717

Try now :)


2005-05-19 19:00

developer   ~0004722

Now it's done :)


2005-05-19 19:18

administrator   ~0004723

Cool :)

I know of a couple of other places to do. For next week.


2005-05-22 21:05

administrator   ~0004754

Updated it today to translate the plugin names in Prefs too.


2005-05-24 18:16

administrator   ~0004767

Allowing the tooltips and text to change for the text alignment and text style selectors on mpalette is done now.


2005-05-25 16:17

developer   ~0004778

Everything you've mentioned, works ok. I've been trying to catch up with my Polish ts file, to test it more toroughly :)


2005-05-26 11:31

administrator   ~0004783

Resolving this. For any others we can have a new bug. It is pretty much covered now if the translation file is up to date.

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