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0001176ScribusGeneralpublic2005-09-22 22:55
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Fixed in Version1.3.1cvs 
Summary0001176: Calendar Helper
Description* Ability to create an automatic 5x7 table representing a month (regular calendar format)
* Planner calendar format - dates as rows, with one or more cells after the date for notes. The rows can flow into one or multiple columns.
* Fields associated with the table (month/year) should be available for placement in the design. If the calendar's month is changed, the fields should update to suit.

* Sample calendar should be provided: "Scribus Developers 2005" :)
Additional Informationsurely python issue

* [IN PROGRESS] create python script with GUI 'wizzard'
* [DONE] implement (very basic) styles handling in scripter to style the calendar
* [NEED FEEDBACK] test it (nobody likes this phase)
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2004-10-02 14:10

manager   ~0002610

there are some scripts for calendars... e.g. one in the Scripter samples or


2005-08-12 16:07

manager   ~0006093

Here is first snapshot of the 'calendar helper'. It creates plain calendar structures for month matrix and planner/event calendar for few languages. It requires Tkinter (GRRRR I HATE IT;)).

it's under rapid development.


2005-08-15 18:19

manager   ~0006122

Scribus 1.3.1cvs contains Python function for Paragraph style dialog handling (yep, it requires user feedback). This version if the calendar script requires this function - it uses meta-style for text frames for later easy styling.


2005-08-23 17:23

manager   ~0006200

in 1.3.1cvs


2005-08-24 21:31

viewer   ~0006210

The only issue I can see is the way the tkinter window blocks access to the new dialog on launch. Seems to be working OK otherwise. Testing some more.


2005-09-01 17:24

viewer   ~0006328

Seems to work well now and window focus is better. Only issue I can see now is changes to the style dialog are not implemented. Default font is used no matter what font or text is chosen. Text alignment e.g right aligned works.

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