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0011774ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-12-17 21:25
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Summary0011774: text flow display not updated when changing level of flow-around item
Descriptiontext flow display not updated when changing level of should-be-flow-around item
Steps To Reproduce- create 2 text frames aside and add big lorem ipsum text to both
- select the first frame you created. Check : his level is 1 (z-index=1)
- change this frame's flowshape to "frame shape" ('shape' or 'points' pane of the PP, "Forme" in french UI)
- bring this level 1 frame over other frame (or rather 'under' it, since level 1 is 'under' level 2 frame)
- no flow happens because of levels. That's ok.

At this point, level 1 frame is still selected.
- using the PP, change his level to "top", that is '2'
- see : no flow over it happens. That is the issue since this 'flow around shape' frame is now on top of the other frame.
Expected behaviour is : update display so that texts flows around

So as to update the display, one solution is to slightly move the frame and bring it back where intended.

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2016-06-25 13:11

developer   ~0041712

Tested: Linux Mint 18; r21386

I can reproduce (0011774.gif).


2016-12-16 20:59

manager   ~0043068

@PeterBenedek can you attach the .gif?


2016-12-17 15:26


0011774.gif (713,889 bytes)
0011774.gif (713,889 bytes)


2016-12-17 15:29

developer   ~0043090

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Sorry, I forgotten! Attached.

I can reproduce (still) in r21652.


2016-12-17 15:33


Document-1.sla (23,673 bytes)

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