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0011775ScribusUsabilitypublic2015-11-25 00:37
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Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0011775: Link tool unexpected offset
DescriptionWhen using the new link tool by clicking on the text overflow box (bottomright of the frame), it happens that when drawing the next frame it is placed a bit on the left and lower of the mouse position. May bu just a cursor position pb but worth to be verified. This happens even if snap to items is on.
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2013-10-10 21:18

developer   ~0030710

The link tool mouse pointer icon includes a little '+' that displays where the active pointing place is supposed to be. Alas, when clicking, the active place is not the '+' but at some distance on the left of the bottom left of the mouse pointer. It is as far left of the bottom left of the mouse pointer as the width of the mouse pointer itself seems to be.

I remember i had the same type of issue with the 'import vector file' mouse pointer ; after a long discussion, we understood that the issue was also the active place in the mouse pointer icon that is used to specify the exact x,y for the action to be undertaken. As far as i remember, the active place for the vector import is the exact center of the mouse pointer, instead of being the upper left corner as expected. This is a bad place since there is no '+' marker there and the icon is not transparent at all...


2013-10-11 07:05

developer   ~0030716

would it be enough to change the pointer image by adding a '+' at the right position ?


2013-10-11 07:47

developer   ~0030717

Last edited: 2013-10-11 11:07

it could do the trick, but i'm not sure since i dont know what is the today exact shape of the pointer image file including the invisible points, and how the acting position is transfered depending on the mouse position.

To sum it up, main isssue is that x,y desired code action place are not x,y code click values, due to specific pointer's shapes. Solution can be to change pointer as you propose, or to adjust offset accordingly to pointer, or best would be both so as to achieve :

1- use pointers image where the x,y action place is obvious : a clear arrow or a '+' sign ensure this well.

2- use pointers image pointers where the canvas can be well seen closely around the action place (that is there should be lot of transparencies around the action place in the icon pointer).

3- improve how the acting xy position is transfered to the action, depending on the mouse position and depending on where is the action desired place in the pointer's image. Depending on the image, it might require adding or substracting some x,y offsets to the click position.

As a consequence of 1 and 2, the link image is ok, but the 'import vector' icon is not, since it is a glob of pixels with no pointing part and no transparencies around clicking part.

As a consequence of 3, the action code has to apply some dx,dy offset (depending on the pointer's shape) to the x,y received from the click event.


2015-11-24 01:11

updater   ~0037622

Reminder sent to: JLuc

When you get a moment, can you test and see if this is still an issue? I'm having some trouble understanding this report.


2015-11-24 11:43

developer   ~0037641

Last edited: 2015-11-24 13:22

Trouble is : the mouse pointer is not a pointer. It is a misleading complex shape with no clear and unambiguous pointing pixel + scribus code itself is misled.

For more see comment my previous comment

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