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Summary0011784: PDF output and file size
DescriptionI have newspaper issue with many JPG images in various quality, size and dimensions - image tab in PP reporting resolution from 100dpi even to 1200 dpi.
It should not impact in PDF file size as I am still using option for resampling images with resolution above 96 dpi (for preview and web) or above 200 dpi for printing.
Today by accident I notice interesting thing: when I set resampling for images above 200 dpi then I got 19MB PDF file; when I don`t set this option (images in their native resolution without resampling) I got 13MB PDF file.
Resampling causing bigger PDF file!!!
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2013-10-14 10:44

updater   ~0030726

OK, now I know why this happens.
It is because I have set best quality for resampled images and this is usually better than quality in source JPG (I think mostly set to 75%). If resolution is near above limit than resampled image is created with best quality and has larger file size because of low effect of little smaller resolution.

Question - dont care about it or give more control and check if generated file is not larger than source?
I think this option is for smaller file size, so answer should be to give more control.

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