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0011876ScribusUsabilitypublic2017-07-21 04:52
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Platformx86_64OSWindowsOS Version8.1
Product Version1.4.3.svn 
Target Version1.4.7 
Summary0011876: line widths of outlines are changed when resizing a group of objects
DescriptionThe line widths of the outlines of grouped objects change unpredictably when resizing the whole group. Some side effects of this issue are:
1) Properties -> Line -> Line width changes to 'Hairline' as soon as obejcts are grouped
2) Outlines may grow in size unpredictably
3) The frame of the group grows in size unpredictably
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a horizontal line with, lets say, a line width of 1pt and a width of 100pt.
2) Duplicate this line, horizontally align the duplicated line with the first one and group both lines.
3) Set the width of the group to 10pt.
4) Set the width of the group to 200pt.

The above issues come into effect when steps 3) and 4) are repeated several times.
Additional InformationPersonally, I think that line widths shouldn't be changed at all when resizing a group. They aren't changed when scaling a single object or even when scaling multiple ungrouped objects at once.
At least there should be an option whether or not to scale line widths when scaling. Ideally, this option would apply for single objects, for multiple selected objects and for groups of objects.
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2015-11-25 13:05

reporter   ~0037673

Can't reproduce it with 1.5.1 r20554.

In 1.4.3 it's really a mess - and even worse if you ungroup the lines. They get as thick as the outlines.
Sorry, atm I don't have the latest stable version 1.4.5 for testing - or anything between ;-)


2015-11-25 13:46

manager   ~0037675

Last edited: 2015-11-25 13:46

it could be an option.
in many cases (like an imported svg) you will want the lines to scale with the group.
in other cases, like scaling a group of a text frames and a box around it, you don't want the lines to change width.

BUT, in the second case, i wonder if you should not ungroup before resizing. in any way you don't really have a good control on the relationship of the size between.

generally speaking, the current behavior in 1.5svn seems correct to me.
we could have an option, not to change the width.
but i'm not sure it's as useful as one could think at first...


2016-01-24 00:52

updater   ~0038387

Clarification needed Steps 3 & 4, do I change the width via the PP or with the mouse by stretching and compressing the grouped box?


2016-04-26 08:26

reporter   ~0040498

This issue can be reproduced in 1.4.6, but not in 1.5.1-r2 on Win 10 x64.


2016-05-10 12:39

updater   ~0040931


Bruno Herfst

2017-07-21 04:52

reporter   ~0044188

There should be an option whether or not to scale line widths when scaling. Maybe this could be switched with a key,eg, holding 'alt' for scaling stroke?

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