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0000012ScribusIntegrationpublic2004-03-04 21:58
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Summary0000012: Gimp Integration - From Oli's Wiki
DescriptionGIMP integration --Stephen Gildea, 2003/07/05 19:51 UTC
I would like to see Scribus integrated with the GIMP so that I can edit images with GIMP while they are in my Scribus page layout. The component object model used in GIMP should make this easy to do.

My layouts consist mostly of graphical images, with some text and titles. I have been using GIMP for layout, but I want to switch to Scribus because its object model is better for layout. However, design isn't a linear process. I do some layout, and then I want to edit an image more. With the switch to Scribus, I can more easily manipulate images on the page, but I can no longer manipulate the images themselves. For now, I've abandoned Scribus and gone back to doing everything in GIMP.
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2004-01-28 21:08

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2004-03-04 21:58

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