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0012007ScribusGeneralpublic2019-03-13 15:33
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Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0012007: [MetaBugPatch] Port BAlpha new features to 1.5 so as to merge them with SVN
DescriptionThis is a kind of meta bug. All patches will be made in to separate bug report. Intention is to agree on the utility of the patches and port the ones to 1.5 and merged.

BAlpha provides a set of patches that provide new features for 1.4 scribus.
BAlpha's description of this repo in his own words:
> This repository is a collection of patches that I apply on top of my version of Scribus to add a few features I miss. Feel free to use them as well, but be aware that they are very specific to the way I use Scribus, and that they should be considered incomplete (e.g. missing undo/redo functionality, sub-par UI, etc.)
> I maintain them as a Mercurial patch queue on top of a repository that's an HG conversion of the original Subversion repository, but since they're just a bunch of diffs, you can also use them without MQ. They are maintained to be applied to the Version14x branch.

- Overview :
- Patches :
- Licence : GPL2+ (as stated in Overview page and
- About BAlpha:

Briefly :
- Show soft hyphen in the story editor (as red dash) (loosely related to 0010301: show various spaces in SE)

- 0004676 : Prevent hyphenation on on per-word basis (using a soft hyphen before the word).
See also 0010517 : Cezary's patch for same feature.
See also related 0011370 : Cezary's patch for 1.5 for hyphenation control on a per-paragraph basis. Was discussed in 0009848 for 1.4)

- 0003712 Soft shadows (its an often requested feature)

- 0007389 set the page an item belongs to depending on its *center* (and not top left corner) - with the patch the shadow appears in the PDF only, thats a good beginning.
Additional InformationProposed patches:

0012516 (layer-option-text-always-flows.patch) New layer option: Text always flows (text flow across layers) - it adds an attribute to the SLA file format.
Add a new layer property, setting text on the layer to flow around *all* flow-enabled objects that are on flow-enabled layers above *or below* the text layer

0012517 (swap-pages.patch) Add the ability to swap two pages to the 'Move Pages' dialog

0012518: (auto-contrast.patch) Add auto contrast image effect
Tags#easyhack, #rottenpatch, patch


parent of 0012516 new [PATCH] Port BAlpha layer-option-text-always-flows.patch  
parent of 0012517 closedcbradney [PATCH] Port BAlpha swap-pages.patch 
parent of 0012518 new [PATCH] Port BAlpha auto-contrast.patch 
parent of 0008481 new [PATCH] optimise Enable/Disable Preview mode 
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2014-01-24 08:05

developer   ~0031179

Last edited: 2014-01-24 08:05

The comment "with the patch, the shadow appears in the PDF only - thats a good begining." should NOT be attached to the "page an object belongs to" item, but to the "drop shadow".


2014-01-25 19:43

administrator   ~0031194

Currently porting the "Drop Shadow" patch to 1.5.0svn. With display on the canvas.


2014-01-26 21:53

administrator   ~0031199

"Drop Shadow" patch is now ported to 1.5.0svn
- added property for color shade (tint)
- added display on the canvas
- adapt XPS and SVG exporters
- handle grouping correctly
- adapt all importers to use the new feature


2014-07-14 01:26

updater   ~0032729

Cloning issue and making separate issues for each patch. Keeping this issue as a MetaBug as per Jluc's suggestion.

fschmid, which Drop shadow patch did you port? There are a few in the repo?


2015-10-27 09:54

reporter   ~0036978

hello , is this issue not solved yet?
if (!yes)
I'll try to solve it :)
fix another feature


2015-10-27 14:12

developer   ~0036986

This is now a metabug, so i'd suggest to look at the child reports :
- 0012516
- 0012518

Please discuss each on its own report page. Test and see whether they're still usefull.


2015-10-27 14:33

updater   ~0036987

There are also other patches that haven't been made in to tickets on the bugtracker, made by Balpha in the bitbucket repo.


2015-12-02 16:59

updater   ~0037800

ping Balpha to notate the bitbucket repo with the patches that have been committed already.


2015-12-02 17:01

updater   ~0037801

0008481 ==

Quick preview mode toggle
When you turn preview mode on and off, Scribus reloads and recalculates each and every picture in the document. There are probably cases where images are shown differently with and without preview mode, but in my use, it never makes a difference. Thus the only thing this reloading/recalcing does for me is making the toggle infuriatingly slow in documents with a decent amount of pictures, even though all I wanted was to hide guides/frame borders/etc. for a second.
This patch changes the behavior of the "toggle preview" button in the window's bottom right to not recalc the pictures after toggling the mode, making the switch between the modes very quick. To get the old behavior, either long-click the button and then click the "Recalc pictures after switch" that pops up, or toggle the mode via the View menu, not the button.

Description link:


2019-03-13 15:32

developer   ~0045997

Last edited: 2019-03-13 15:33

For safety sake of futures uses, i cloned the repo on AlterScribus :

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