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0012034ScribusCanvaspublic2015-10-28 10:51
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Summary0012034: Feature: Ability to remove/edit the "Selected Page Border" through View dropdown menu
DescriptionI've unchecked every item in the View menu, and my page still has a red border around it, and then I went through all the tabs in the Options and didn't come across any red colours anywhere - if the ability to remove/change the page border exists, it needs to be put in these 2 places; and if it doesn't, it should be added much like the rest of the guides/grids/rulers.

The ability to quickly add/remove the 'Page Border' around an active document without going in to Preferences > Display > Colors > Selected Page Border
This means putting the option in a prominent place like the dropdown View menu.

Also the ability to edit the color can be also a little more prominent because the Preferences > Display > Colors > "Selected Page Border" menu is not easy to find.
Additional InformationEdited the original ticket to be more accurate as this is a feature request.
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2014-02-02 11:19

developer   ~0031252

Last edited: 2014-02-02 11:23

Actually, the red page border is not really a border, it indicates that the page you are working on is selected, as with Frames (even if every entry under View is unchecked).
If you work with more pages it's very useful to have this feature.


2014-02-02 18:50

reporter   ~0031254

It would be just as useful to have the ability to remove/configure it, no? Particularly for users that don't spend 100% of their time zoomed out to the point of seeing multiple whole pages.

It would also be a boost the UI aesthetic.


2014-02-03 16:04

updater   ~0031259

I think this is a good suggestion, something to tag as 'easyhacks'. Being able to configure the color is low priority in regards to the project as a whole, but would add to the robustness and tweakability of the UI.


2015-10-28 03:14

updater   ~0037014

Change the color of the page border through the preferences:
Preferences > Display > Colors > Selected Page Border


2015-10-28 03:21

updater   ~0037015

updated ticket

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