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0001204ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-05-09 16:00
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Product Version1.3.1cvs 
Summary0001204: Drag'n'drop in StoryEditor
DescriptionWhen you try to drag'n'drop any piece of text in StoryEditor, it doesn't work, though the cursor changes to something that looks like a d'n'd cursor.
Additional InformationMajor is appropriate - this bug causes DATA LOSS.


related to 0002161 acknowledged Re-examine copy/paste and drag & drop 
related to 0003157 acknowledged Metabug: Cursor placement fixes 



2005-06-30 06:36

reporter   ~0005258

Dragging from the story editor to another part now seems to use the "no drag/drop supported" cursor. However, drag and drop from the SE to the canvas *loses* that text ; it's removed from the SE but not pasted to the canvas.

Drag+drop from canvas to SE does nothing, though the "drop OK" cursor shows.

Drag+drop from external apps to the SE appears to show the "no drop" cursor, at least for Nautilus. Drag+drop from SE to an external app uses the "no drop" cursor too.


2005-06-30 07:07

reporter   ~0005263

Correction - seems drag to external apps that expect text blobs is fine.

Data loss when dragging from SE to main window is probably because ScribusView's drop handler lies about having handled the drop.


2005-07-10 02:43

reporter   ~0005480

I'm going to have to bump this - no time for it, and while it's a serious bug it's not on that's likely to be triggered much if at all. Fixing might require some serious work on the drag'n'drop code.

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