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0012275ScribusUser Interfacepublic2018-04-30 13:15
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Product Version1.4.3 
Summary0012275: Keep tool dialogs from being maximized
DescriptionThe tool dialogs (as listed under "Windows") are thought to be sidebars or such but certainly not to be maximized to the whole window, which happens to easily by accidentally doubleclicking the title bar or hitting the button.
It's simply not useful and should be avoided. Rather there should be an option to minimize them to the title bar if screen estate is scarce.
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2014-04-23 18:56

reporter   ~0031787

Last edited: 2014-04-23 18:58

On KDE, I found the "Shade" option in the context menu -> More Actions. Don't know about Windows or such.
If possible, double clicking the title bar should "shade" the dialog, not maximize it. That'd be great!


2014-04-26 08:52

administrator   ~0031815

Mouse Actions on the title bar are handled by your window manager, this is out of reach for the Application. So we can't do much here.


2016-04-27 00:30

updater   ~0040533

I've added a screenshot of what I think the behavior that Pancho is referring to in Scribus (currently 1.5.2svn r21245)
I don't understand the 'Shade' effect he is referring to. Also perhaps this is something indigoDock could address?


2016-11-07 11:13

updater   ~0042352

I did see this occur in 1.5.3svn but can't always reproduce. This should be totally fixed in the scribus-indigo build for 1.5.4(?) See development happening at

As for backporting to 1.4.x not sure if the devs will do that. So I'm resolving unless they want to do that.


2016-11-09 12:51

updater   ~0042372

This also occurs in scribus-indigo. Re-confirming ticket

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