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0012327ScribusImport / Exportpublic2014-06-18 20:30
Reporterchristoph_s Assigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Fixed in Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0012327: Update the relevant plug-in interfaces and the plug-ins to use librevenge
Descriptionlibrevenge simplifies the adoption of import libraries provided by the Document Liberation Project, as well as building for those who regularly update trunk svn. Moreover, all of the latest versions of the libraries require librevenge, and the coming libpagemaker will do so as well.
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2014-05-27 18:59

administrator   ~0031938

Dumb bug.. this is a "fix A" instead of about 10 bugs for fixing a,b,c,d.. etc. Dont submit stuff like this. librevenge is not tested and using it not required, although it might prove to be so.


2014-05-27 20:05

administrator   ~0031940

This isn't "dumb" at all. All current versions of libvisio, libmspub etc. require librevenge. librevenge replaces libwpd, libwpd and all the other dependencies that were required to even compile libvisio etc., which in return are required to build a fully functional 1.5svn.


2014-05-27 20:34

administrator   ~0031941

>> librevenge replaces libwpd, libwpd and all the other dependencies that were required to even compile libvisio

No, librevenge defines interfaces for importers, it does not replaces those libs. Libwpd and libwpg have had new releases at the same time as librevenge 0.0.0 and they now depend on librevenge.

Anyway even if we'd had to rewrite code, rewriting code because of a 0.0.0 release would be foolish and premature.


2014-05-28 11:36

administrator   ~0031943

I'm keeping this one closed, but please note that we likely won't be able to update to new versions of the import libraries without librevenge.

As to libwpd and libwpg, I remember Fridrich and Franz talking at LGM about how certain features that are necessary for all importers had been introduced in the most recent library, without any system or plan. Hence the reliance on libwpd and libwpg. This may have changed with librevenge.

Regarding the version number, Fridrich was pretty clear that Document Liberation is *extremely* conservative with version numbers, and that 0.0.0 is what other projects would use for a 1.0 release. Morevover, David Tardon has recently announced (including scribus-dev) that they intend to keep the 0.0.0 API stable for at least 2 years.


2014-05-31 12:29

manager   ~0031963

that's why indesign is much better than scribus!
they're at version 6 and we at an embarassing 1.4... like the software we used to have in the eighties...


2014-06-14 16:16

administrator   ~0032165

Started work on porting the relevant importers to use librevenge.


2014-06-14 16:49

administrator   ~0032166

Importer for MS Publisher is ported


2014-06-15 09:42

administrator   ~0032171

Importer for MS Visio is ported


2014-06-18 08:45

administrator   ~0032227

All plugins are now ported to librevenge.


2014-06-18 20:30

administrator   ~0032232

Tested, fixed. Thanks!

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