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Summary0012333: Better selection of images

that's not a bug report. That a proposal for improvement / a wish. :-)

I use to create picture books every now and then, and so far, I had to use proprietary Windows Software offered by digital print shops. I want to improve that by creating picture books as PDF/X-3 with scribus.

There is just a particular problem with scribus, that makes it really difficult to create picture books: The file dialog to import pictures.

Two improvements would make that dialog much more better:

- Show thumbnails of all pictures. Currently a thumbnail is displayed only if a particular picture is selected. Difficult to have an overview of pictures.

- Mark pictures already included. When making a picture book with 200 pages and about 500 pictures, it is really difficult to keep track of which pictures have already been used and which haven't. Would be nice if it was visible in the picture selection list which pictures are already used in the current document.

Both functions are standard functions of most proprietary picture book software products. Would be nice if scribus would offer this as well.

regards :-)

Steps To ReproduceOpen a document and try to paste >20 pictures in.
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2014-05-30 07:31

manager   ~0031957

for the first part of your report:

you can use an external software to preview the list of your images and drag the images to the scribus page to insert them (or into a frame to fill it).

for the second part... indeed an interesting idea!
but i'm not sure if you workflow is bullet proof in the long term...

it's common practice to put the images you're using in a separate directory related to your project...

that way, if you edit a picture for this specific project, you don't modifiy the original ones you will use also for other projects...


2015-09-04 22:16

reporter   ~0036152

It would already help me a *lot* if Scribus' filechooser remembered (globally) my last used directory for importing files; I would only have to maybe go up or down one level instead of having to navigate the tree all the way from "/".

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