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0012349ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2019-10-24 16:41
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Summary0012349: Image Info (context menu) should display size WxH of image
DescriptionAs for now, Image Info (in context menu) on an image frame displays the original resolution of the image file. Depending on the way the file has been created (scan, photo, drawing program), this data can be irrelevant.
The width and height of the image file is more reliable and should be displayed along with - or instead of - this "Original resolution" info.
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2014-06-06 09:57

developer   ~0032034

This width and heigth of the image file is not displayed in the PP neither. It's a bit strange, but i've never missed this info until now. AMOF, it's not absolutely required to work with an image actually, as long as one 1) can see the result 2) knows the resulting resolution. But its part of the fundamental data about an image, and could logically appear in the image "Info" context menu.


2014-06-07 09:02

manager   ~0032041

should it show the number of pixels in the linked file or the number of pixel in the current crop of the image?

and should this information replace parts of what is already shown or complete it?

there are lot of ways of working and as many ways to prefer how information is shown... at the end, we should take care that the user is not overwhelmed by all the information he/she gets and the settings he/she can/should set...

i'm wondering if a dedicated -- and context sensitive -- palette (Frame Info?) would not be better than the current context menu and / or enhancing what is shown in the PP...

and in the meantime, extras > manage images has the information your looking for :-)

... and, in my eyes, comparing the actual and original PPI -- as currently shown in the context menu -- proabably provides you with the facts you need in your use case... in a way that might look unusual at first (and maybe later, too :-)


2014-06-07 09:03

manager   ~0032042

(ps.: creating such a palette could be a good introductory task for learning how to use QML in Scribus :-)


2014-06-07 12:35

developer   ~0032045

to ale : General principles are nice to get inspiration but should not replace contextual thought... that help prioritize them.

- the width and height of the placed image dont interest me because if these matter i do use a frame and the PP gives access to the W and H.
So it's the W and H of the file that are felt as missing in the local context.

- I agree that a context sensitive "info palette" would be an alternative - not to enriching this 'info' context menu display, but to replace it. That should be another report/request.

- Not overwhelming the user is a nice concern, but this new display wouldnt overwhelm the user because it would be only displayed when the user asks for it : going to the info subpane of the context menu. Same as with this "new frame info" you propose. Quantity of data is not an issue here, ATM.

- "Extras > Manage images" is a global image browser. Its usefull and can be improved, but it will never replace local data access. When somebody actually sees and touches a specific image, it would be counter-usability to have to leave the room and request for this image data through a global tool that would require to search through all pages data. I'm sure there is another principle about that to remind that here.


2019-10-24 16:41

manager   ~0046858

after a few years: i think that we should improve the image manager and -- as an example -- make it possible to use it as a palette that is kept open, instead of stuffing more and more things in a small context menu.

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