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0012442ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-05-18 14:16
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Summary0012442: Disordering of text in text box
DescriptionWe have a recurring problem with text in simple text boxes. This occurs at certain points in a selection of different Scribus files. In one instance if an accented รก is used, all the text appears scrunched up together, whereas if a regular a is used, the text displays fine. In a second instance, the text 'Mark Conlin, NOAA fisheries' produces the same effect, while 'Mark Donlon, Noaa dosheroes', or other nonsense text, does not.

The two examples can be seen here:
Steps To ReproduceA simple text box is created, the full page width. A bold style is applied to the line in the text box, which consists of a block of text, a tab space, and a 2nd, right-aligned, block of text.

The issue is absolutely reproducible on the three pages where it occurs. The three pages are identical in size, shape and settings to all other pages in our documents. As far as we can tell, the size of the text box is within the margins of the page frame.

Identical text boxes display perfectly elsewhere in the documents.

It is not related to the length of the text blocks, since the substituting of a longer piece of text does not produce the effect.

I can delete the offending text box, and recreate another, and the issue persists.

I can copy and paste in a text box from another page, which displays perfectly in its original position, and wrongly on the affected page.

If I copy the offending text box to another page, the 'bad' behaviour persists.
Additional InformationIt's been driving me crazy for several months now.

Happy to supply the offending files for examination if need be - please let me know.


related to 0011071 confirmed buggy behaviour with align-right tabs 



2014-06-26 15:54


Example2.jpg (162,511 bytes)   
Example2.jpg (162,511 bytes)   


2014-06-26 19:31

developer   ~0032328

this bug seems to be a duplicate of 0011071: "buggy behaviour with align-right tabs"
i suggest to close it.


2014-06-27 09:10

reporter   ~0032338

Thank you. Was there any suggestion of a fix for 0011071? I can't discern any. The work-around is OK as far as it goes, but it's not ideal.


2014-06-27 09:38

developer   ~0032340

I'm afraid there is no fix yet.

what is your workaround ?


2014-06-27 10:02

reporter   ~0032341

The workaround suggested for 0011071, to insert a blank line above the offending line and move the text box up does seem to work.
However, that then relies on aligning the text box by eye, which is not ideal :(


2014-07-08 17:34

updater   ~0032600

Closing due to being a duplicate of 0011071

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