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0012464ScribusUsabilitypublic2021-11-25 08:26
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Target Version1.5.4 
Summary0012464: Preview mode should always be in "Edit preview" mode
DescriptionWhen preview mode would allways be in "Edit preview" mode, then the "edit in preview mode" button could be taken off the UI and its place could be freed.

Why 2 preview modes ?
Why have this no-edit mode when edit-mode looks the same + enables to move items ?
When sbd wants to view and not being able to edit, he can create a PDF.
It seems there is no use for a no-edit view mode. Or i'm not aware of it.

Hence preview mode should allways be in "Edit preview" mode
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has duplicate 0014677 closedjghali Items can't be moved with the mouse in "Edit in Preview" mode 
has duplicate 0016689 closedjghali In preview Mode no selection or any action possible 



2014-07-03 18:35

updater   ~0032449

makes sense


2015-06-30 01:15

updater   ~0035570

What is the function of having 2 modes of preview ?


2015-06-30 08:32

manager   ~0035574

i think the idea is to abuse of scribus as a viewer...

imo a bad idea.

personally, i'm for removing that functionality and revert back to the previous status: always in edit mode.

if one wants to show some slides, she should use a pdf viewer.

alternative: the previous behavior should be the default one (a one button click / one key press to get into the editable preview mode).

also, i'm more and more convinced that the preview button (the eye!) should get back into the status bar...


2015-11-30 16:06

manager   ~0037741

please, fix this!

seriously, it's a pain to make the final small corrections to a design!


2016-05-11 13:08

manager   ~0040960

the current "presentation" mode should be removed.

you can always create a pdf for it.

the preview mode should always be in edit mode.


2016-05-15 22:43

administrator   ~0041116

Actually, while maybe I agree on setting edit mode as default, many people asked for a non editable preview mode.


2016-05-15 22:53

updater   ~0041117

this may crowd the UI but wth, can we add an option to let the user decide what the default is ?


2016-06-23 10:03

reporter   ~0041701

its also not nice that you can not edit objekts with the mouse in the Preview (edit) mode.
I can only select objkets via mouse.


2016-06-23 10:58

manager   ~0041704

can we please have scribus have sane behaviors and not always add options for everything?

really, scribus is definitively not a tool for showing presentations and the precedent behavior of the preview tool was just right, with a button at the right place.

sometimes, less is more...


2016-06-23 17:08

developer   ~0041705

BTW i know of CTRL+ALT+P to enter preview mode - its handy because it enables me to bring the 'views' toolbar far far on the screen - but is there a shortcut to enter editable preview mode ? - that would be even more handy -.


2016-07-25 17:49

manager   ~0041842

please make the change!

there might have been people that have been asking for non editable preview mode, but lot of people are asking for being able to edit (by default!) in previous mode!


2016-08-22 13:11

developer   ~0041931



2016-08-29 21:22

reporter   ~0041942

Last edited: 2016-08-29 21:24

There are a lot of things really really great in the v1.5 series. I am happy with it but if there is something that has to change is a preview mode where you can still edit your work. So if a change follow it is a big thanks from me. +1

Ohh the location of the button is okay for me.


2016-09-29 11:14

developer   ~0042068

Having a "no edits allowed" version of the Preview Mode is a stupid idea. If you don't want changes to be made in Preview Mode then just don't make any changes. It's that simple.

This is the equivalent of someone complaining that their sheet of paper gets marked when they write on it. The WRONG answer would be to say: "Okay, we will laminate the sheet." The CORRECT answer would be to say: "Well, just don't write on it then!"

It would be interesting to talk to one of these "many people" who have asked for a non editable preview mode (as per Craig's comment). I would like to know why they cannot just not change stuff that they don't want to be changed. This is baffling to me.


2016-09-29 18:19

administrator   ~0042073

>> Having a "no edits allowed" version of the Preview Mode is a stupid idea. If you don't want changes to be made in Preview Mode then just don't make any changes. It's that simple.

No, that's not so simple... because errors are rarely intentional. In a quality managed environment, when errors can be committed, a basic rule says: if you can prevent an error, then prevent it. In this case, that translates: if you don't want changes to be made in Preview Mode, then changes must be forbidden.

For more information about quality management:


2016-09-30 09:05

developer   ~0042076

That's a well-meaning argument that's been erroneously applied.

Saying "if you don't want changes to be made in Preview Mode, then changes must be forbidden" is all well and good - as it stands, as an argument without context - but, just from the people commenting on this ticket, there are a lot of people who DO want to make changes in Preview Mode. This negates your argument; people do want to make changes therefore changes should not be forbidden. The users want to make changes therefore the software should allow changes to be made.

Not one example has been given here of someone giving a reason - any reason at all - why the current (1.4.6) way of working should have been changed. There are six people saying they want it back the way it was and NONE saying that it should be changed. There is a hint that some people may have asked for it but no actual facts behind it. No reasons are given, just a vague "many people asked for" it.

Who, exactly, has said that the functionality should have been changed? Where did they say it? How many people said it? Please give examples. And please explain why their requirements outweigh the needs of other users.

It's clear to me - from what I can read - that people DO NOT WANT a "read only" preview mode. I only have what I can see here to go from so can you justify your stance with actual examples of people wanting such a thing? What exactly were they asking for and why were they asking for it?

Basically: I have written proof above that people do not want a read-only preview mode. What proof do you have that says otherwise?


2016-10-05 07:40

manager   ~0042091

this is what is being proposed as a sane behavior for the preview mode:;topic=2203.0;attach=1743;image

the feedback from people who actually use scribus seem to be positive...

p.s.: it's not clear to me, if the border and handles should only be shown when the mouse is on the frame or if it should also always be shown when a frame is selected... sometimes i want to move a frame with the keyboard and not see its border...


2017-03-14 12:51

manager   ~0043596

hey, please invert the defaults for the preview mode!

if somebody does not ask for the file being locked, just let her edit it!



2017-04-13 07:47

reporter   ~0043749

What I really miss here is, that "edit" state isn't saved, so after turning preview off and on I have to click "edit in preview mode" again.


2017-06-04 17:59

updater   ~0043995

i hope, this non editable preview mode will be gone before scribus 1.6 sees the light of this world…


2017-10-06 14:17

manager   ~0044496

while implementing the full screen and the hide palettes features i've found out that scribus already has some sort of sane preview mode still around.

it's called "specialToggleAllGuides" and can triggered with F11.

i suggest that this old toggle guide gets removed from the code and the preview mode restored to its previous behavior.

the F11 key should be freed for the full screen feature.


2017-10-06 16:04

developer   ~0044497

Last edited: 2017-10-06 16:05

F11 -- this is a great function. I didn't know about it.
Thanks ale!


2017-10-06 16:35

manager   ~0044498

sadly, currently F11 and alt-ctrl-p are both hard to use for different reasons.

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