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0012473ScribusShape Drawingpublic2016-05-15 22:32
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Summary0012473: rounded corner input is not available anymore when contour is edited
DescriptionWhen the shape is edited, its ok that "rounded corner" cannot be computed automaticaly, and so the input zone is greyed

But when *only the contour* (aka the shape for [fr] habillage) is edited, and not the shape itself, then the "rounded corner" input zone should NOT be greyed since rounding corner is done on shape and not contour.
Steps To Reproduce- Create image or text frame
- see "rounded corner" input (and possibly set some value)
- Open shape window, DO NOT change shape, click checkbox at bottom to edit contour/overflow shape, change contour/overflow shape in any way, press OK
- see : "rounded corner" is greyed and cant be changed anymore

Additional InformationWhen creating a rounded corner frame, its often/sometime important to NOT change the contour shape and to keep it to the rectangle shape.

As for now, rounding the corners also gives rounded corner to the contour.
Maybe that should be changed and the contour should stay rectangle ? All the more since "reset contour" brings to contour toward "shape" and thus to "rounded corner" in case shape has rounded corners.
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duplicate of 0013271 assignedale "Rounded Corners" option is disabled after exiting modeEditClip 
related to 0013565 closedcbradney Rounded Corners value is lost changing Shape 



2014-07-05 11:24

updater   ~0032488

followed instructions but get lost at step 3


2014-07-06 07:52

developer   ~0032498

Last edited: 2014-07-06 12:37

Sorry for unproper english.

Step 3 is "- edit contours shape, NOT shape itself. Press OK"

With "contours shape" i mean the "text overflow control shape" = the shape that determines the text overflow layout. Its edited when clicking the checkbox at the bottom of the shape edit dialog.

With more detailed steps, 3) could read :

- Open shape window, DO NOT change shape, click checkbox at bottom to edit contour/overflow shape, change contour/overflow shape in any way, press OK


2014-07-07 02:17

updater   ~0032527

Hey jluc, your english is fine. I just need more specific instructions. I don't know how to use these functions yet and it is not intuitive at all for me.


2014-07-07 12:52

developer   ~0032538

edit shape for example can be "make it 10% wider" using button


2016-05-12 13:33

updater   ~0040970

is this a dupe of 0013271


2016-05-13 16:57

developer   ~0041000

Not sure its a dupe but it could be

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