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Summary0012544: [REQUEST] Augmentations to MantisBT
DescriptionPlease read:


For example, on github there is a list of MantisBT repositories that have
plugins built by the MantisBT users. Address is:

Some plugins that immediately caught my interest:

Define snippets of text that can be easily pasted into text fields. This
can help speed up bug notations

"...allows you to report an issue in Mantis by sending an email to a
particular mail account." This could liberate the power-users from being
dependant on the Mantis GUI to report a bug (something that in the past has
deterred me from reporting)

"Lets privileged accounts create and post announcements that can be shown
to users on a global or per-project basis, and allow users to dismiss
individual messages." Very nice way to communicate with Scribus bug
reporters for example asking them: "Have you read <link>How to file a bug
report</link> on the wiki before filing ?"

"This plugin can help find issue where text searches in bug text, comments,
additional informations" Not exactly clear what this does (I've contacted
dev) But perhaps augments the built-in MantisBT search.

"New shiny look for Mantis. Skins, custom company Logo, custom CSS and
This is by far the most 'blingy' request of them all. I think it would be
refreshing to add a more modern look to mantis, something more inviting.
Sort of how an interior decorator can change a space by changing a few key
things. Making the issue boxes slightly less opaque and introducing a
different font would be refreshing change.

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2014-07-21 02:56

updater   ~0032860

Also, looking at the websvn, it looks like there was a command line tool that allowed folks to report bugs from the command line.

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