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0012545InfrastructureGeneralpublic2014-09-13 00:13
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Summary0012545: [REQUEST] Augmentations to IRC
Descriptioncross reference:

Additional Information1) DONE Return to logging the channel.

2) For the bot to be triggered to create the legit URL from just the issue
numbers (saves time).

3) To search Mantis from IRC (if possible, saves time)

4) Remote control Mantis from IRC (if possible, because...Science!)

5) To log which issues are discussed the most (bot on #Drupal does this)

6) DONE To send notes back and forth between folks (historical use of a bot)

7) DONE Update the channel when SVN is updated with commit message (useful)

8) Remotely search the Wiki and return results

9) Sync the SVN repo with the git (if no sophistications are present)

Optional) Update the channel when there is activity on Mantis

Optional) Update the channel when there is activity on the forums

Optional) Update the channel when a summary of topics discussed on the MLs

Optional) Auto change topic to reflect the most updated revision # of the
dev version
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2014-07-21 16:20

updater   ~0032883

Suggestion by ale to check out:
Currently used by several #channels on freenode like #mypaint and #openhatch


2014-07-28 03:10

updater   ~0033050

Updated the issue and using it to track changes

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