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0012550ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-04-11 23:32
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Summary0012550: Display printed page number too wherever internal page number is displayed
DescriptionThe 'section' tab of the preferences dialogs enable to specify how to print the page number in various sections of the document.
Examples : "pages are numbered 1 to 20, starting from internal page 13 of the document." or "book footnotes run at the end of the book text and are numbered with lowerscript roman numerals from i) to xii)".

User of the printed document will later see this user-page-numbers and think of pages in terms of these printed page numbers : whether 2) or ii).
Creator of the document is very likely to do the same and also mentally use these page numbers to refer to any pages (and that's my experience).
Example : "Pictures in pages 12 and 13 are too small" or "Footnotes in pages iv) and vii) should be made smaller".

Hence, it would be user-friendly to display printed page numbers alongside internal page numbers anytime these are displayed in Scribus.

The display format could be "%d (%s)" where the first numeral is the internal page number, and %s is the printed page number.
Example : "13 (1)" or "123 (iv)"

Specifically the page number menu in the statusbar displays the internal page number. It would help to navigate from paper to numeric and back when this menu would display both internal and printed page numbers.

Like "13 (1)"

This is usefull only when an offset has been set for page numbers in the Preferences > Section tab. So as to keep display simple, this dual page numbers display could be avoided when no section is created or when no page number offset is specified in any of the sections.


related to 0010192 assignedcezaryece [Patch] Virtual page number in addition to strict page number 
related to 0011818 new [PATCH] No page range check in PDF export dialog 



2014-07-22 19:35

developer   ~0032920

It would provide a simple way to help translate mentaly-used printed numbers to scribus-used=internal page numbers.


2016-02-13 13:35

updater   ~0038697

This makes sense form a communication aspect as well.. when speaking to a publishing team member about a specific page etc...


2016-04-05 00:40

updater   ~0039799

Looks like this is a dupe of 0010192


2016-04-05 07:21

developer   ~0039804

These issues are closely related but not dupes.

0010192 proposes to totally *replace* internal page numbers with displayed page numbers. I dont think this is possible because different pages can have the same displayed page numbers (when in different section), and because some displayed page numbers can be weird looking as iii or ABC or * ...

0012550 (this current page) proposes to keep using internal page numbers as main page identifiers, but have the displayed page number be displayed next to it, so as to improve ease of understanding and usability.

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