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0012694ScribusShape Drawingpublic2014-12-28 17:30
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PlatformKDEOSKubuntuOS Version14.04
Summary0012694: Selecting nodes in shape editor moves them
DescriptionWhen editing a shape, selecting a node will move it a tiny bit (probably to the center of where the mouse clicked). This is annoying as I always have to re-position the node to where I want it to be (e.g. if I only want to change the x value)
Steps To ReproduceDraw any shape (text frame, image frame, shapes etc.
Open shape editor
click on a node to select it
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related to 0011605 new Shape Vertices Coordinates Error 



2014-12-28 00:39

developer   ~0034321

I cannot reproduce it here.
Anyway if you still have this issue try changing
"Time before resize or move starts"
in Scribus preferences.


2014-12-28 00:45

developer   ~0034322

Last edited: 2014-12-28 00:46

I think I got why you have the issue... I usually click fast to select nodes (so less than default 150 ms), but if I click slower the node is moved (becomes dragging, not selecting).
Change the preference (to 400 ms for example) as suggested in my previous note here and no issue should present later.

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