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0012770ScribusImport / Exportpublic2015-12-22 16:51
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Summary0012770: Patterns and groups in SVG import
DescriptionSome svgs cant be ungrouped right after being imported
+ imported patterns dont appear immediately in Symbols window,
but everything resolves to normal behaviour when reopening the saved SLA
Steps To Reproduce- Create new doc
- Import uploaded "schéma simplifié.svg"
- Open Symbols window
- See : there is no pattern/symbols

- Open Outline window
- See : imported object is a group (as imported svg usually are)
  including a 'layer' and 2 symbols.
  The 2 symbols are the arrow heads, at the bottom of the pile of items.

- In Outline window, click on fourth path named path3881-64
- Go in Color tab of the Property Palette
- See : fill is in "pattern" mode and 4 patterns=symbols are defined

- Click right on object
- See : its not possible to ungroup it
- "Adjust group" has no noticeable effect

At some point i found a way to ungroup the group, and the patterns immediately appeared in the symbols window.

Then :
- save document : the uploaded socalled "svgpattern 14h29" file is a result
- close scribus
- open document with scribus
- See :
* pattern window features the 4 existing patterns
* group can be ungrouped
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related to 0012771 closedfschmid Some patterns imported to incorrect level and therefore aren't visible 
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2014-10-13 12:34


schema simplifié.svg (30,782 bytes)   
schema simplifié.svg (30,782 bytes)   


2014-10-13 12:47

developer   ~0033998

Last edited: 2014-10-13 12:48

It seems to be related to the feature of svg that leads to the scribus "layer" object

When i use that same "schema simplifié" SVG and add an arrow to it,
then the SVG becomes the one provided for 0012771 report : (same name, but an arrow added outside shape).
When importing this other SVG then 1) group can be ungrouped 2) symbols window shows all patterns.

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