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0012932ScribusPlug-inspublic2015-11-25 01:25
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Summary0012932: Provide an API for plugins
DescriptionMarginStruct has changed and the plugin i'm developing is now broken.

would it not be time to provide a documented API for people working on plugins (and generally for accessing not time critic functions in other modules)?

personally, i started some time ago to isolate all accesses to the scribus code in a set of specific classes.
i can publish that work in progress code for review, if there is an interest in reviewing it.

... if that works, i would provide it in the form of a plugin...

any thoughts?
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2015-02-25 16:54

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2015-02-25 18:34

administrator   ~0034593

The fact that MarginStruct has changed is something you will need to deal with. An API will not hide this kind of change. Note, its going to change again when I remove it altogether and replace with ScMargin (based on QMarginF) and set the minimum Qt to 5.3.

However, yes, we'd be happy to review what you have done but this is separate to the margin changes.


2015-02-25 21:21

manager   ~0034600

hi craig,

well in this case, i had to change the variables in the API (as an example, moving from .Top to .top()) and did not have to touch my plugin itself.

currently, thre is nothing really to review. it's a work in progress that resides inside of a plugin.
i can use feedback and contributions more than a assessment if it's ready to be included in scribus.
of course, i can and will extract the API from the plugin if there is interest in using it and other people want to contribute to it.


2015-06-11 00:43

updater   ~0035370

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