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0013003ScribusImport / Exportpublic2016-01-20 12:48
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Summary0013003: don't create a group around single items copy pasted from inkscape
Descriptionwhen copy pasting items (images or paths) from inkscape (yeah! really a nice feature!) the items get included in a group.

i'm not sure if this is useful, when importing multiple items. but it's for sure an annoyance when importing single elements.

would it possible to count the items pasted and avoid adding a group if only one element is being pasted?

this probably also applies to items pasted from libreoffice.


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2015-04-11 08:39

developer   ~0034877

Yes this happens also for LibreOffice copy'n'pasted images.
I dont see a reason why it should be so. (Is there a reason ?)


2015-04-11 09:04

administrator   ~0034878

Last edited: 2015-04-11 09:05

The reason is that these objects have a clipping path attached, even when the clipping path and the object path are identical. And the only way to take the clip path into account is to create a group around the object.


2015-04-11 09:43

manager   ~0034880


yes there are good chances that the object has a clipping path.

but i don't see how to use it in scribus.

in the group tab of the PP i don't see a way to enable it....


2015-04-11 11:42

developer   ~0034881

I'm not sure what exactly clipping is because my UI is french languaged.

Here is a try file uploaded : a libreoffice file with an image that has been clipped 3cm left and 5cm top using the clip tab of the property dialog (double clic on image opens this dialog)

Viewed in libreoffice, its clipped (Well i believe this is what is 'clipped' !)

Copied and pasted in Scribus : its not viewed as clipped. Neither the group nor the image itself have a different 'contour' property. Where is the clipping path ?


2015-04-11 11:42


clipped image.odt (33,696 bytes)


2015-04-11 11:44


LO cliped, Scribus not.jpg (95,532 bytes)   
LO cliped, Scribus not.jpg (95,532 bytes)   


2016-01-20 12:48

updater   ~0038305

Franz, can you shed some insight on how to enable clipping path in regards to 0013003:0034880 or find it in 0013003:0034881 ?

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