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Summary0013029: Import and export of PDF job options
DescriptionTo make the numerous PDF options suitable for one special task (or one specific printing company) it would be helpful if Scribus could import and export a small file with the PDF settings for this task. At the moment export of settings is only possible for all general settings and contains some personal data.

So a printing company could offer a file like "Scribus PDF settings for offset" and if I use it I can be sure the PDF has the right standard and the right colour settings and so on.


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2015-04-23 21:38

updater   ~0034965

Interesting, lets see what the team says.


2018-05-12 12:14

reporter   ~0045221

but not all printing companies would cooperate sending you a scribus template with all teh settings etc.. I keep thinking we should be able to save any preset to export as a PDF.. as I said, we can't rely on printing companies being kind to us ..


2018-05-12 12:21

reporter   ~0045222

I would like to suggest a feature that would help a lot people using Scribus
for professional use and is having the chance to have several pdf export
settings able to be customized for particular purposes with different
parameters.. many times when creating materials you need to export them in a
lighter way for corrections then in the particular way printers want to be sent
teh final file and even different settings for platforms like issuu or yumpu
Adobe InDesign call it "presets" and here I am sending a screenshot to
illustrate what I am trying to suggest:
hole it makes sense..
managingpresets.jpg (73,995 bytes)   
managingpresets.jpg (73,995 bytes)   
savepreset.jpg (58,460 bytes)   
savepreset.jpg (58,460 bytes)   
selectingpreset.jpg (74,205 bytes)   
selectingpreset.jpg (74,205 bytes)   


2018-05-12 14:13

reporter   ~0045227

currently it is possible to export and import PDF settings with python commands:
It would not be hard to add 2 buttons with same functionality to some dialog (perhaps in File > Export > Save as PDF) if we agree where those buttons should be.

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