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0013114ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-05-29 10:22
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Product Version1.5.1svn 
Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0013114: Preferences > Page Sizes does not report any page size, just format names
DescriptionPreferences > Page Sizes does not report any page size, just format names.
Steps To Reproduce0) Go to: File > Preferences > Page Sizes

Nothing suggests what is the size of each listed format. It can be annoying if someone has to do a design or something, has to add it to Active Sizes and then see size values form New Document window.

It would be nice to see a small window in the same tab that shows the size of the selected format (or tooltips?)
Additional Information1.5.1.svn (20148)
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2015-06-17 17:22

manager   ~0035419

having discussed the issue with firas, i think that the solution is not to add more information in the preferences dialog, but allowing the user to pick a non preferred size from the file > new dialog.

currently, one has to go to wikipedia and copy the size of A0 if you have to do such a big document but do not want to add it to the list of the preferred formats. even if scribus exactly knows how big A0 is.
(you have guessed, copying it from the preferences, is in my eyes only very marginally better...)


2015-06-24 22:26

administrator   ~0035503

tooltips added to page lists. Works easily and is not intrusive.

Explain how you would want the new file dialog to work... please.


2015-06-26 07:16

manager   ~0035521

craig, thanks for the tooltip!

i don't think that we have to solve this issue right now: it should probably be part of a scribus wide solution, not a specific hack.
... imo, it's not really a urgent thing, rather a nice to have!

i see it as part of the resources management topic.

the one issue that has been discussed in a more exhaustive way is: how to add a new resource directly from the place where it's being used (like creating a style from the selection or adding a new color from the PP).
i really think that we need such a button in 1.8!

this is a similar but different issue: we have a short selection of most used values and we want to get to the full list of resources.
as an example, once we have such a mechanism, we might want to only show the fonts and colors in use in each selection list and rely on a "more..." action to render the full list.

we have to find a way to manage both of those cases (creation / more...).

in this case, i prefer to wait for a good solution, rather than see a quick and dirty hack.

but it's up to you :-)


2016-05-29 10:22

updater   ~0041538

Craig added tooltips (not sure what revision) but the ticket has been left open with no clear agenda

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