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0013116ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-12-08 22:04
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Summary0013116: Wrong behaviour of the "Colours & Fills" dialog
DescriptionThe UI behaviour of the "Colours & Fills" dialogue is broken in several ways.

Here's the list of complaints:

1) The "Solid Colours" entry loses focus after actions like "Remove Unused" or "Import".

2) If one uses the "Add" function, the HSV colour map is being displayed, but in the list of colour palettes we see the default colour list (Scribus Small). The HSV colour map shouldn't be on offer unless explicitly chosen.
Additional InformationMore complaints to follow.
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related to 0013000 closedfschmid Support for Swatchbooker SBZ swatches 



2015-06-06 15:27

administrator   ~0035337

As for 2) the HSV color map is in fact explicitly requested as default. I fixed the bug which prevents it from being displayed in swatch combo.


2015-06-08 21:29

administrator   ~0035342

Now that we have a separate LAB colour map, HSV Colour Map is listed even when, in fact, the LAB one is active.


2015-06-08 21:36

administrator   ~0035343

The tooltip for Save Colour Set needs to be more explicit (will fix that myself).

And there also needs to be an "Export" option, so a user can save a palette wherever he wants, i.e., not just in a hidden directory.

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