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0013140ScribusGeneralpublic2015-09-19 20:37
ReporterGarryP Assigned Tocbradney  
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PlatformMacOSOS XOS Version10.9.5
Product Version1.4.5 
Summary0013140: Inconsistent behaviour across OSes with grouped items
DescriptionGroups seem to be handled differently in different OSes. The example below shows the problems better than a description.
Steps To Reproduce* Create new document.
* Draw a rectangle.
* Draw a circle.
* Group the objects.
* Use menu "Item -> Combine Polygons".
* Go to Properties / Colours.
* Try to change the fill colour.

With Scribus 1.4.3 svn on Linux Mint 17, colour can be changed with no trouble.
With Scribus 1.4.5 on OSX, colour cannot be changed - everything in the "Colours" tab is greyed out.

The same thing happens with combined outlined text.
Additional InformationAlso, in Linux the "Properties / Group" tab items are available to use but in OSX they are not (they are greyed out). This suggests that the underlying problem could be that groups are not handled in the same way across OSes.
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2015-06-16 15:30

administrator   ~0035409

Groups do not change between OSes, 100% guaranteed. There are code changes between 1.4.3.svn (whatever that really means in terms of SVN revision) and 1.4.5. There are also platform changes. The 1.4.5 build system we have is limited and will not be upgraded.


2015-06-16 18:06

updater   ~0035413

Garry, did you get 1.5 on OSX to work yet ?


2015-06-17 08:00

developer   ~0035415

Last edited: 2015-06-17 08:01

Craig: Apologies if I've reported the issue using the wrong words but the fact remains that my (older version) Linux installation provides some expected functionality that my (current stable version) OSX installation does not.

If it's just my OSX installation that's "broken" in some way then it would trouble me that Scribus functionality could be affected in such a way. (I can't even begin to think how something on my machine could affect how Scribus works like this.)

On the other hand, if it's not just my installation that's affected then - potentially - there could be a lot of Scribus users out there with a functionally-restricted version of the software. (And that wouldn't be great for Scribus' reputation.)

Either way I'd say that this was something that needs looking into properly.

Basically, the problem - from my perspective - is: "OSX 1.4.5 can't do what Linux 1.4.3svn can".

Kunda: Unfortunately not. I've downloaded three different 1.5 DMGs at different times (including after the official release) and - after attempted installation - was told by OSX that the application was damaged and needed to be moved to the trash. (Downloads were uninterrupted and checksums were verified.)

I've since downloaded and installed the latest versions of other software - VLC, LibreOffice, Audacity, etc. - without issue. (If it's a problem with my machine then it seems to be a peculiarly Scribus-specific one.)


2015-09-17 19:31

updater   ~0036270

Are there other issues on the bugtracker that reflect GarryP's assertion ?


2015-09-17 20:11

administrator   ~0036272

I now realise what the issue is between versions. Somewhere in those versions, we changed the ability to affect groups of items so properties cannot be changed. Its a code change, not a platform change. No bug exists because you have 1.4.5 on OSX, its because you are comparing 1.4.5 to 1.4.3.svn.

As for 1.5 DMGs, I'm not aware that the current DMGs on sourceforge are corrupted.


2015-09-18 02:35

updater   ~0036278

Thanks Craig. So will there be a return to the possibility of being able to change properties for groups ? If so we can close this and open a new ticket with that request.


2015-09-19 20:37

administrator   ~0036291

There are other bugs for that, maybe we will, maybe we won't but this one does not need to stay open.

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