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0013144ScribusImport / Exportpublic2015-06-22 12:44
Reporterchristoph_s Assigned Tofschmid  
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Product Version1.5.1svn 
Target VersionFuture Release - Nice to have 
Summary0013144: Incorrect import of FH10 file
DescriptionThe file import of doesn't work correctly (although the preview does).

As it stands, Scribus uses the default page size, which means that some graphics items are placed outside the page.

Moreover, text (frame) size isn't correct, i.e., some text frames indicate text overflow. Probably because the importer doesn't do a font check yet.
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2015-06-17 12:15

updater   ~0035418

Last edited: 2015-06-17 12:17

I also get different results importing due to 0011894:0035046 in the respect of:
1) dragging file in to scribus without a document open (scribus-drag-empty)
2) opening a new document and dragging file in to it (scribus-drag-open)


2015-06-17 12:16


scribus-drag-empty.png (36,211 bytes)   
scribus-drag-empty.png (36,211 bytes)   


2015-06-17 12:16


scribus-drag-open.png (24,031 bytes)   
scribus-drag-open.png (24,031 bytes)   


2015-06-17 19:05

administrator   ~0035421

Checked the file with libfreehand's tool fh2raw:
  startPage(svg:height: 11.0000in, svg:width: 8.5000in)
So there is nothing i can do for the wrong pagesize.

Will investigate in the rest of the issues.


2015-06-18 19:09

administrator   ~0035434

Have fixed now most of the font issues. But for very tight textframes it still might happen that there is text overflow. But that is caused by different fonts on different operating systems. (e.g a Times Roman from different font providers is not always exactly the same).


2015-06-18 21:28

updater   ~0035436

Franz, Looks good so far... except
1) If I import via File > Import > Get Vector File
I get all the logos as one large grouped object.
Then I upgroup this main object which splits all the other logos up in to separate grouped objects.
Now if I ungroup the "Ban /^\ BTN" logo
The fonts immediately disproportionately grow

2) If I import via drag/drop file in to scribus
Then all the logos are separated in to separate grouped objects
If I ungroup the "Ban /^\ BTN" logo there is no visible change


2015-06-20 10:48

administrator   ~0035459

Text scaling issues when ungrouping should be fixed now.


2015-06-20 13:58

updater   ~0035465

Last edited: 2015-06-20 13:58

Confirmed franz's fix. Thanks!

Note: I cannot fine more freehand test files online. Christoph, would you upload more test files ? Thanks!


2015-06-21 06:11

administrator   ~0035468

Kunda, there are at least two ways of testing more FreeHand files. The first is to use Google and the search pattern "filetype:FH10", "filetype:FH9" etc. Another one is to download a trial version of FreeHand MX (which is still available from some download sites), and create a VM on your Mac (e.g. VirtualBox), in which you can install either Windows or MAC OS X. Clone the VM before installing the FH-MX-trial, so you can install the trial version over and over again. That's not viable for a productive use of FH, but it can help you to create sample files to no end.

If you're searching long enough, you may also be able to find FreeHand trials for earlier versions.

A further option is e-bay ;)


2015-06-22 12:44

updater   ~0035475

Thanks for those details Christoph. FYI, there is also the Free Freehand Community:

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