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0013146ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2016-03-18 23:57
ReporterAlmaTlust Assigned To 
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PlatformKDEOSKubuntuOS Version15.04
Summary0013146: Duotone/Tritone/Quadtone in Image Effects don't work as expected
DescriptionWhen trying to use any of the above, transparency is always set, so the image is not shown anymore.
Steps To ReproduceInsert image frame, insert image
ctrl-e to open image effects
enable Duotone/Tritone/Quadtone
change color(s)
Additional InformationColors are set to 0% opacity. When setting color to 100% opacity, it is shown in preview. When setting the next color to 100% opacity, only this color is shown in preview. When clicking o.k., all colors are reset to 0% opacity.
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2015-06-18 21:35

administrator   ~0035438

I cannot reproduce this on Windows.


2015-10-07 20:02

updater   ~0036536

On OSX opacity is set to 100% by default.
I can't reproduce this on 1.5.1svn r20445

BTW, Alma, what version of Scribus are you using ?


2015-10-08 07:45

reporter   ~0036546

I tried with both 1.5.0 (built May 19th 2015 in the scribus ppa on launchpad) and 1.5.1.svn (built Oct 3rd, scribus ppa) on Kubuntu 15.04 with backports enabled. In both cases the problem persists as described above. Anything I could do for triaging?
How do I get version numbers with built packages?


2015-10-08 13:00

updater   ~0036549

re: Version Numbers
Build scribus from source with CMake flag: -DWANT_SVNVERSION=1
and then check: Scribus > Preferences for build #


2015-10-09 09:03

reporter   ~0036571

It would be nice to have this flag enabled on launchpad...


2015-10-09 14:18

updater   ~0036574

You're using the Scribus Friends PPA ?
I've sent a message to mapreri to see if he could add that CMake flag to the 1.5.1svn build


2016-01-23 14:19

updater   ~0038350

alma, please retest this


2016-01-25 06:33

reporter   ~0038419

Still no luck with the latest daily build. There is a change, though in that in the preview it sometimes works (the mix of colors is shown), and that after clicking o.k., sometimes at least the last color set to 100% is retained (also not always).


2016-02-02 12:40

updater   ~0038523

@mapreri Sorry to disturb, if you have a quick moment can you test this ?


2016-02-03 07:44

reporter   ~0038543

Last edited: 2016-02-03 07:44

Some more testing done:
I inserted an image, pressed ctrl-e, added triplex and played around. My findings:
if you change all values, only the lowest value is retained, the other to are set to 0%.
If you change the upper two, only the lower of the two is set, the upper one forgotten.
If I change only the upmost value, then it sticks.

(I hope I explained that in a intellegible way, English is not my first language... ;-)


2016-03-18 23:57

developer   ~0039252

I think you explained yourself pretty well, but I'm unable to reproduce it. I fiddled with the options of all 3 Duotone/Tritone/Quadtone and have not noticed anything weird.

BTW: adding -DWANT_SVNVERSION=1 to the build is not feasible in the current infrastructure (but maybe I'll able to hack something in the future), but in the meantime the svn version used can be found on the version of the package. out of the long string like 1.5.2svn~r21089~20160318~ppa41~ubuntu16.04.1 the svn commit number is r21089. you can find such a string with `dpkg -l scribus-trunk`

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