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0013148ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-04-13 03:19
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Summary0013148: Convert scanned form in to fillable PDF form
DescriptionI opened a scanned form in PDF format in Scribus 1.5 and, to my surprise, it recognized all the check boxes and lines. I then right-clicked on a line, selected Convert to, but unfortunately the option PDF Text Field is missing. Same for PDF Check Box.

What I would like is that selecting a line and then converting it to PDF Text Field results in Scribus automagically inserting a text field with the same width and a reasonable height (with a corresponding font size).

I have long wanted to be able to convert a scanned form to a fillable form and I believe this is a recurrent need for a lot of people. Unfortunately, many universities are unaware of the existence of Scribus and are still producing forms that have to be printed and filled in by hand. I am aware that Acrobat Professional can automatically do what I want, but I only use Linux and free software.

Thank you for making this wonderful application!
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