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0009159ScribusImport / Exportpublic2016-04-13 03:08
ReporterMike Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Summary0009159: PDF form fields don't import correctly
Descriptionimpossible to embed some PDFs
Additional InformationProblems has probably PDFs with features that Scribus can't create in. PDFs from Inkscape with blur. Please see on appended PDF.
Tagsforms, PDF


related to 0012887 new PDF Form multi-line text fields error 
related to 0010079 new Form fields show strange characters when read by Adobe Reader X 
related to 0011755 new PDF Form fields name not updated 
related to 0013148 new Convert scanned form in to fillable PDF form  
child of 0013050 new [Feature] Add optional info box in GUI for debug purposes and reporting more indepth errors 
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2010-06-11 10:48


vkladej.pdf (208,775 bytes)


2010-06-11 10:49


kresba.pdf (79,661 bytes)


2010-06-11 21:36

administrator   ~0024054

Embedding kresba.pdf works ok here with Scribus compiled with podofo 0.8. vkladej.pdf contains form fields (note : such pdf are usually rejected by printers)


2010-06-18 20:56

administrator   ~0024126

Is there a way to use podofo for the detection of form fields and display a warning?


2010-06-19 08:49

manager   ~0024135

please, keep such warnings in the preflight verifier...


2010-06-19 08:52

reporter   ~0024136

64bit Scribus 1.3.7 from .deb package with podofo 0.8+svn2010051 in Ubuntu 9.10 doesn't work (kresba.pdf). If 1.3.8 will be working with this kind of PDF's, no change required.

I understand what cause problems with vkladej.pdf now. Thanks. Warning would be handy.


2010-06-19 20:46

administrator   ~0024148

Preflight verifier sounds reasonable. The question remains whether pododfo can be used for the detection.


2010-06-19 22:01

administrator   ~0024151

Last edited: 2010-06-20 01:08

>> The question remains whether pododfo can be used for the detection

Yeah, but fully checking and parsing pdfs can take an awful lot of time (remember Pitstop can take more than 20 minutes to analyze a single pdf). And checking pdfs is really not the scribus job.


2010-06-20 19:43

reporter   ~0024163

Is there any free PDF "optimization" tool which remove this kind of features?

If yes, there would be possible to write only report:

"PDF contains some unsupported features. Please convert this PDF in ....."


2015-06-20 02:43

updater   ~0035458

What's the verdict on this?
kresba.pdf imports fine, AFICT on 1.5.1 r20178
vkladej.pdf has form fields and doesn't import correctly on 1.5.1 r20178


2016-03-08 05:43

updater   ~0039045

Need to find a ticket that shows issues with importing PDF form fields and attach vkladej.pdf to it.

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