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0013050ScribusUsabilitypublic2015-06-15 13:33
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PlatformMacOSOSXOS Version10.9.5
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0013050: [Feature] Add optional info box in GUI for debug purposes and reporting more indepth errors
DescriptionThere are many bugs/features requesting more 'behind the scenes' info about:
* what caused a specific crash, 0008430
* why a file format didn't import correctly 0005941, #4945, 0009078, 0009159, 0012074, 0012187
* helping understand why a function didn't execute correctly (perhaps a plugin or script etc...)
* seeing debug output of certain functions
Additional InformationAs Vlada mentions in 0005941:0026807 "Don't we already support this by writing unsupported features to terminal? How hard would it be to pop up info box in GUI too?"
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parent of 0005941 acknowledged Add optional (geeky) extender for listing of unsupported SVG features that had been discarded on import 
parent of 0009078 confirmed Incorrect Import of SVG File. 
parent of 0009159 new PDF form fields don't import correctly 
parent of 0012074 assignedfschmid Missing warning if an ODG file contains unsupported features 
parent of 0012187 new SVG not well imported 
parent of 0008612 new better warning when opening of a .sla failed 
parent of 0008430 new Provide detailed feedback as to what's wrong when crashing when opening document 
related to 0012183 new No message for warnings when importing PDF 
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2015-05-07 06:57

manager   ~0035060

this feature must be well planned in order not to slow scribus down and not make the code even more unreadable than it currently is.

one idea is to use the standard error for this.
when scribus catches something strange it could output a message to the standard error (the terminal by default).
a preference could be added to get scribus to redirect the output of qDebug() to a specific file... that should be possible...

storing the the undo list in the doc and being able to export it, might also be of help... so we know "exactly" what the user did...

just some ideas...

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