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0012183ScribusImport / Exportpublic2015-05-19 18:38
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Summary0012183: No message for warnings when importing PDF
DescriptionWhen importing that PDF the document displays hundreds of red triangle warning signs, but no warning message. There is no way to understand these messages, except guessing, but that's unsure Or if there is a way, it is not obvious enough.

BTW couldnt the red triangles be thin vectors ? they would look nicer when zooming, and it would help understand to what object these warnings are related.

See screenshot.
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related to 0013050 new [Feature] Add optional info box in GUI for debug purposes and reporting more indepth errors 



2014-04-02 08:25


imported pdf.jpg (86,611 bytes)   
imported pdf.jpg (86,611 bytes)   


2014-04-02 08:36

developer   ~0031590

Last edited: 2014-04-02 10:10

AMOF the "TestCheck export to PDF" dialog provided the answer : every letter is an image in this PDF, not a proper text, and resolution is not enough.

So the title of this report should read : "Provide a way to understand displayed warnings", or more restrictively "Provide a way to understand image resolution warnings.

As a way to help understand the red triangles, i guess a hint bubble that would appear on hovering the triangle would help. In this case, the hint text could read "resolution of image is too low". In other warning cases, it would explain why there is a warning.
So this report is not strictly related to PDF and its title should read "Provide hint text on displayed warning signs".
(i created 0012184 for another same-situation but PDF related issues)


2014-04-03 10:26

administrator   ~0031596

Have now changed the way these signs are displayed. The image frame must be at least twice the size of the sign to get the sign displayed.


2014-04-03 14:42

developer   ~0031598

Ok that'll fix the issue most of the time.

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