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0012887ScribusPDFpublic2016-04-13 03:05
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PlatformWindowsOSXPOS VersionSP3 32 bit
Product Version1.4.4 
Summary0012887: PDF Form multi-line text fields error
DescriptionWhen exporting PDF Forms with multi-line text fields all is well when testing the file on a PC running Windows. When opening the PDF under Android with Adobe Reader several large black rectangles are rendered over the fields making them impossible to read while filling. Please try attached example.
Steps To ReproduceProduce a document in Scribus with basic multi-line PDF form fields. Export as PDF and then try viewing on any Android device. I have tried on various versions of device and Android and it is always the same. Producing and exporting a similar form in Openoffice writer does not exhibit these issues (at first I thought it was an Adobe and Android issue).
Additional InformationI prefer Scribus to do my forms if possible since I have much greater control over my layout!
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related to 0010079 new Form fields show strange characters when read by Adobe Reader X 
related to 0009159 new PDF form fields don't import correctly 
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Test.pdf (241,002 bytes)


2015-06-26 20:25

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Can you provide the original .sla as well ?


2015-06-26 20:34

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Ive uploaded an .sla to try to recreate + screenshot.

Note: screenshot is of OSX PDF previewer and not Adobe.
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