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Summary0001317: Script plugin FAQ and boilerplate script wrapper code
DescriptionThe attached text document is a FAQ for the Scribus scripting interface. It's a draft, and needs work, but first needs some feedback from Petr about a few things like whether Unicode should be accepted for frame names.

The Python script is a template for Scribus scripts to be based on. It does some sanity checking such as making sure it's being run from Scribus. It also makes sure to reset the message bar and progress bar when it exits, as well as turn redrawing on.
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related to 0001283 closedsubik Scripter code cleanup 
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2004-12-14 09:00

reporter   ~0003148

Updated the FAQ to cover the unicode changes in the scripter cleanup, added a few gotchas about differences between the Scribus-embedded Python and the stand-alone interpreter.

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