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0013216ScribusStylespublic2015-07-09 16:33
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OSOSXOS Version10.x 
Product Version1.4.5 
Summary0013216: Paragraph Style Space Above bug
DescriptionParagraph Style Space Above setting gets ignored in the first paragraph in a textbox.
Steps To ReproduceCreate new document
Create text box
Create some text (2 paragraphs)
Open Styles editor
Create new Paragraph Style
Assign a 'Space Above' (i.e. 20pt)
Apply style to both paragraphs
Observe that only 2nd paragraph gets the 'space above'
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child of 0004622 new Frame Styles (Mockup included) 



2015-07-09 06:48



2015-07-09 07:12

administrator   ~0035702

This is expected behavior. The text distance to frame are controlled by text distance and first line offset properties which are frame properties and which can be accessed from properties palette.


2015-07-09 10:54

reporter   ~0035704

I understand that first line offset and text distance are ways to control the position of text, but I can't really see how this should be expected behavior for styling.. With this you make the first paragraph behave different from others.. that can't be right to my mind.. A style is a style.. no matter where it is..
Furthermore, there is no way to incorporate the offsets in the style definition..
So in my case (having textboxes beneith 30 photographs in one document) to change about 30 vertical offsets, I have to do them all by hand.. if the style respected the space above, like it should to my mind, changing one option would be sufficient.

I can't tell you what to do ofcourse but I hope you'll reconsider..
Thanks very much!



2015-07-09 11:07

reporter   ~0035705


just had somebody check how Adobe InDesign behaves..
it seems that it follows the same behaviour as Scribus..
The chances you're going to change to my proposal are very dim I would suspect, since this is 'standard' and or import-proof behaviour.. strange, but hey, who am I..

Thanks for your efforts


2015-07-09 12:35

updater   ~0035708

That is an interesting use-case. It sounds valid. I wonder if there is another way to achieve it ?


2015-07-09 13:19

manager   ~0035713

i think that the use case is better solved with a top margin in the frame...
so, the solution is probably to provide "frame styles"...


2015-07-09 14:04

updater   ~0035714

So, in other words, open a request to discuss the option of adding 'Frame Styles' to Styles Menu ?


2015-07-09 14:27

administrator   ~0035715

There is already one: 0004622


2015-07-09 16:33

updater   ~0035717

Duplicate request of 0004622

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