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0013264ScribusTranslationpublic2021-02-04 05:29
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Summary0013264: Full HTML markup in translations strings for word wrapping (in trunk)
DescriptionThere are some strings with full HTML markup in translation files. This solution is not translator friendly.

a) We really need full HTML?
b) If yes, please add these strings to translators without full HTML markup. The HTML does not need to be translated.






related to 0013203 closedcbradney Dummy Placeholder texts in translation files 
related to 0016455 closedjghali Clean up HTML header code from translation segments 
related to 0013614 closedcbradney Non-translatable date format codes in PDF fields 



2015-07-28 16:04

updater   ~0035931

bubu, I asked about html markup on IRC back when you submitted 0013203
I still don't fully grok why but it has something to do with a workaround to present the data in context. It would be ideal if the markup was injected with the only the translation strings. But that is currently out of my scope to do or understand.

Perhaps craig or Franz could comment on this?


2015-09-26 21:06

updater   ~0036400

bump for clarity


2016-11-04 00:20

updater   ~0042315

@jghali when you get a moment, please comment on this. Thanks!


2016-12-12 23:47

updater   ~0042944

@jghali please weigh in on this ticket and 0013614 Thx!


2021-02-03 21:49

reporter   ~0048802

Partially fixed in 0016455.

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